Hispanic Business -- Top 40 Companies -- for Hispanics -- Explanation

"Determining the Top 40 Companies involved a complex calculation measuring a company’s total commitment to the Hispanic market.

The calculus for determining the Best Companies for Hispanics Directory involves more than 30 variables that measure a company’s commitment to Hispanic hiring, promotion, marketing, philanthropy, and supplier diversity. To compile the list, Hispanic Business contacted the top 400 companies on the Fortune 500. The final directory lists the top 40 companies, based on a weighted processing of company data conducted by HispanTelligence®, the research arm of Hispanic Business Inc. In accordance with survey methodology and privacy requirements, Hispanic Business does not publish information from a specific company that is not publicly available. Tables and charts depicting the cumulative data from all top 40 companies appear in the directory and accompanying article.

Issues addressed by the survey include: Board & Leadership: Hispanic and other minority representation on the board of directors and at the executive level. Recruitment: Efforts to hire from minority groups, including Hispanics, and outreach efforts at colleges and universities.

Retention & Promotion: Efforts to support, retain, and promote Hispanic and other minority employees through incentives, employee support groups, executive training, and diversity awareness and sensitivity training.

Marketing & Community Outreach: Marketing and advertising to reach Hispanic consumers, as well as involvement in and expenditures on philanthropic or community services that benefit minority groups.

Supplier Diversity: Support or sponsorship of supplier-development programs, executives involved with supplier diversity, incentives tied to supplier diversity, and procurement goals."


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