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SuperTooth Crystal: Clearly a First-Rate Speakerphone Choice

For purposes of both safety and, increasingly, compliance with hands-free device laws, having a Bluetooth speakerphone in your car is increasingly desirable -- especially if you find yourself on the road frequently (calling all sales types). What you don't want to deal with is a buggy device, a device with poor battery life, or, really, a device that is fussy in any way. These things are supposed to make your life easier, after all. Enter: The SuperTooth Crystal.

Hands On: FlyGrip

FlyGrip, which came to market in the U.S. only this year, is basically a small plastic doodad that affixes to the back of your smartphone. It's a rather interesting solution to getting more out of your smartphone or tablet. But does it really work?

MP180 Pocket Projector Takes Cue from Smartphones--but Was It Enough?

The MP180 Pocket Projector by 3M is perhaps a lesson against getting your hopes too high.

Android 4 Smarter, but Not Simpler or More Beautiful

Google describes the latest version of its Android operating system -- dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich -- as "simple, beautiful and beyond smart." I don't think it lives up to that promise.

Earjax Bumps Headphones: Crisp, Comfortable, Convenient

BodyGuardz Earjax line of headphones wows you with a wall of advice, even before you experience their walls of sound. The packaging and enclosed instructions make it clear through instructions on getting the most out of your product that the usual sort of planned obsolescence we see from tech manufacturers is not on the table. The company wants you to enjoy your Earjax, and enjoy them for a long, long time.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Lands on November 8

Activision's super-popular video game franchise Call of Duty will launch its next salvo into the platform gaming market on November 8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the eighth installment in the series.

RIM's New PlayBook Tablet Falls Short of Apple iPad

More than a year after Apple released the iPad, the search for a credible challenger to the market-changing tablet computer is still on.

Meet the 4G phones: ThunderBolt, Atrix and Evo Shift

Taking a look at three new 4G smartphones.

Palm Pre Plus: Impressive Technology Hasn't Ironed Out the Frustrations

I recently put the Palm Pre Plus from Verizon through its paces, and, despite a beautiful form factor and impressive technology, found it to be a pretty mixed experience.

Wii Fit Plus' Balance Board Can Help Your Balancing Act

Staying healthy and fit is part and parcel of an energetic performance in the workplace. But when you're working 40, 50, 60+ hours a week in pursuit of a business goal, it's all too easy to neglect your exercise goals. Here's where the real genius of Nintendo's Wii Fit Plus bundle shines.

Motorola's Droid Plugs You In . . . and Takes You Places

About a month of testing has made me, unabashedly, a big fan of the Motorola Droid smartphone from Verizon. In fact, the thought of going back to another phone is almost inconceivable after spending a month putting the Droid through its paces. It's proven to be a smartphone with a keen interface and high-level of usability that's loaded with cool features that can help your business performance and keep you entertained and informed.

Holiday Gift Guide 2009

From the traditional to the luxurious, these gift ideas can spread Holiday cheer as they enrich the business experience. ere are HispanicBusiness Magazine's choices for noteworthy gifts that we hope our readership will consider this holiday season, ranging from a couple bucks to truly ... aspirational.

Lexmark Interpret: A Printer Primed for Entrepreneurs

Printers. Everyone loves them when they work and curses them when they fail. Here at Tech Vault, we recently tested out the Interpret (S405) model. While we doubt this would be a boon for larger offices with intense and voluminous printing needs, for us and indeed, for most small business and any home-based entrepreneur this could be the Holy Grail.

Band Hero Provides Instant Family or Party Fun; Delightfully Frustrating

To complement our pending gift guide in the November/December issue of HispanicBusiness Magazine, we'll also be running online reviews of gifts we couldn't fit into the issue. We had a chance to test Band Hero, a game for XBox, Playstation, and Wii; here's our review.

Ninja Master Prep is a Clever, Effective Help in the Kitchen

To complement our pending gift guide in the November/December issue of HispanicBusiness Magazine, we'll also be running online reviews of gifts we couldn't fit into the issue. Today, we turn our attention to a the Ninja Master Prep, a blender and food prep device.

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