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Tweet on the Road? Drivers Say Nope

Consumers aren't very interested in using social media like Facebook and Twitter through vehicle systems, according to previously unpublished research discussed Wednesday at a conference in Novi.

Diablo III: The Devil's In the Downloads

Just after midnight, Blizzard announced "Diablo III Now Live--Evil is Back," and fans voracious for the third game in the classic Diablo series could finally satisfy their dungeon-crawling needs. But rather than being treated to the paradise of hacking and slashing through virtual hell, Diablo III fans were subjected to a different kind of hell.

Spotify App Arrives for iPad

This morning, Spotify launched for the iPad with features that take advantage of the new version of the iPad, such as being optimized for the retina display.

SuperTooth Crystal: Clearly a First-Rate Speakerphone Choice

For purposes of both safety and, increasingly, compliance with hands-free device laws, having a Bluetooth speakerphone in your car is increasingly desirable -- especially if you find yourself on the road frequently (calling all sales types). What you don't want to deal with is a buggy device, a device with poor battery life, or, really, a device that is fussy in any way. These things are supposed to make your life easier, after all. Enter: The SuperTooth Crystal.

Apple Releases Patch for Flashback Virus

Apple on Thursday released an identification and removal tool for the most widespread virus ever to hit its computers.

Facebook Snaps Up Instagram

Facebook acquires Instagram. Did you think it was big news when Instagram finally came out for Android systems last week? It was for many a smartphone user -- but even that large news pales in comparison to the fact that Facebook, the biggest kid on the tech block, has just purchased that favored photo app for $1 billion.

Instagram for Android Has Arrived

After a long wait, Instagram is now available on the Android OS. Android smartphone sales are leading the U.S. market, and apps publishers are increasingly making popular iPhone apps available on the Android platform. Today, a very high-profile example of this is taking place: Instagram, an extremely well-received photo-sharing app, is now available for download at Google Play.

Daylight Saving Time Means Time To Check Smoke Detectors

Daylight Saving Time 2012 begins on Sunday, March 11 -- and since you need to reset your clock, Daylight Saving Time also a great time to ensure two other important devices--your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms -- are functioning properly as well.

Android Device Activations Soar to 850,000 per Day

Andy Rubin, Google's senior vice president of mobile, today revealed on Google's Mobile Blog an astonishing figure: Daily activations of Android devices have hit the astounding mark of 850,000. While the bulk of these are smartphones, the figure includes tablet devices using Google services, but not the Kindle Fire.

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