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Trio of Gadgets Make for Sweet, Sweet Music

Music is timeless -- yet modern tech has only made access to it and they ways we can enjoy it better and better. Here are three cool devices that most any audiophile can use to enhance his or her music-listening experience.

Wii U High-def Consol Coming From Nintendo

Nintendo plans to jump-start its holiday sales with the Nov. 18 release of its new Wii U high-definition video game console.

Tabeo Tablet Computer for Kids Launched by Toys 'R' Us

U.S. toy giant Toys R Us is getting into the burgeoning market for tablet computers with a new device aimed squarely at kids, the company announced Monday.

Kindle Fire Mandatory Ads Extinguished: Amazon Responds Quickly to Negative Feedback

Amazon announced its latest line of e-readers, notably the Kindle Fire HD (in two sizes) and a new, souped-up Kindle Fire at a reduced price point from the original. However, media sources soon confirmed that with the more-affordable Kindle Fire and the new HD tablets came mandatory advertisements. CNET has confirmed, however, that after about a day of widespread negative social media feedback, Amazon has changed its position.

New IPhone 5 May Push Older Models' Price Down

Your teenager says he needs an iPhone. Naturally. While you may think Apple's smartphone sounds like more of a "want" than a "need," it's not as crazy or as expensive a request as it sounds.

Review: Kindle Fire HD Screen Is a Big Improvement

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD boasts a much more vibrant screen than the original tablet that came out about a year ago.

Details Surface on New Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon is planning two new versions of its Kindle Fire tablet to be announced next week, including an advertising supported model that will be offered to users at a substantial discount, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Amazon: Current Kindle Fire Sold Out

Amazon says its Kindle Fire tablet is sold out, ahead of a Sept. 6 event at which it is widely expected to unveil a new version of the device.

Kindle Fire Sells Out Ahead of Expected New Model

Amazon has sold out of its Kindle Fire tablet, the web retailer announced Thursday, just days before it is expected to announce a new version of the popular mobile gadget.

Smartphones Can Be Used as Voter ID

Wisconsin voters registering to vote at the polls in November will be able to display a utility bill or bank statement on their smartphone or computer screen to prove their address, state election officials decided Tuesday.

Instagram: TMI When It Comes to Murder

After a hail of bullets erupted on a busy morning in front of the Empire State Building last week, many people found themselves with a front-row seat to the grisly crime scene, whether they liked it or not.

Does Social Media Video Kill the Concert Vibe?

It's a common sight at concerts in the modern technology era -- smartphones are no longer merely an accessory to make a phone call or send a text. At concerts, they're seemingly a necessity -- a vessel to capture a few minutes of musical history for some or, for others, a reason to brag to friends on social media. But what most concertgoers may not realize is that the two-minute video they posted might be breaking the law.

Twitter Posts Help Researchers Study Bullying

Posts from the social media service Twitter are providing researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison a new way to study bullying among kids, the school said Wednesday.

5 Tips to Protect Your Online Identity

From January through April of this year, online thieves have stolen more than 12 million pieces of personal information, a 200 percent increase since 2010.

Tablets Changing Assistive Technology

Cerebral palsy leaves Tynesha unable to vocalize, so she uses the application TouchChat, one of many text to speech programs available on the iPad. Previously, Tynesha would type her responses onto her cell phone in text form for people to read, which was difficult and time-consuming.

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