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Digital Banking Is a Win-Win

Think online or mobile banking is just for Gen X or Gen Y? Think again.

Bye-bye Ear Buds? Headphone Shifting Toward Bigger Models

Ear buds, the miniature headphones that are commonly used with portable music players and mobile phones, have ruled the marketplace for years. Recently, though, they've been losing ground to old-school, full-size headphones -- sometimes called "cans" -- that promise to offer better sound or a more private listening experience.

Protecting ID Harder Than Privacy: McAfee's Petracca

Security threats are becoming more complex with the explosion in devices and growth of electronic commerce and online social networking.

There's a Tablet for Every Consumer

Once you've made the choice to switch to a tablet computer, you've got a lot more choices ahead of you.

How to Give an E-Book as a Gift

Giving an e-reader user a printed book is like presenting him a manual typewriter. It's a nice gesture, but the book will most likely gather dust while he whips through the newest best-sellers on his device. Luckily for gift-givers, almost all booksellers have added options to their websites to make giving e-books easier.

Apple Users Seek Learning Space in Palm Beach

Sales of the iPhone, iPad and other computing devices have soared so fast that classes at Apple stores fill up fast, and even non-profits can't keep up with demand to teach Apple functions and systems, according to the non-profit Palm Beach Phoenix Apple User Group.

Advertisers Are Following Your Online Trail

It's not a secret that companies target customers in their advertising. But they may be watching you a bit more closely than you think, and it could cost you money.

Social Media: Weighing Dumbness One Byte at a Time

According to an article in "Trends in Genetics," a Stanford biochemist studied thousands of brains and things and concluded that humans were becoming measurably dumber.

Nintendo Set to Launch 'Wii U'

Today, Nintendo will release the Wii U, a new system designed to bridge the core and casual markets. The Wii U is a new console, not an add-on for the existing Wii.

WordTag Social Gaming App Launches for iOS and Facebook Users

Juxta Labs today announced the launch of WordTag, an iOS and Facebook app that tests users' wits and creativity with a fun and social word-guessing game. Ranking as one of the top two word game apps in the United Kingdom and Canada, WordTag is suitable for social gamers of all ages.

Smartphone Addicts at Work

Like most well-adjusted Americans, I check my smartphone every 5 to 10 seconds. If I don't, my hands sweat and I feel guilty for depriving the world of all the interesting things I have to say or text or tweet.

Microsoft Cranks Up Music Battle

Microsoft is pushing the play button on a new music initiative to take on iTunes and streaming services, such as Spotify.

Mind Your e-Language

A good online footprint is a powerful way to position and package one's capabilities, network and access. It also allows friends, batchmates, headhunters and prospective employers to find you.

iPad Mini Could Debut Oct. 23, Say Rumors

Apple's much-rumored iPad mini will have its official debut at an event Oct. 23, U.S. tech-watching websites report insiders as saying.

All Aboard the Apps Bandwagon

Despite the hardware wars and the multibillion-dollar lawsuits over operating systems, a 3G phone without attractive applications is not really more useful than a cheap mobile with a 1-2-Call SIM.

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