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Chase Ranks No. 1 in Mobile Banking Functionality

Chase ranked No. 1 for both U.S. and global banks in Forrester Research's 2013 Global and U.S. Mobile Banking Functionality Rankings,1 released today. Chase received a score of 71 out of 100 - fifteen points above the report's average score of 56.

Facebook Tries to Challenge Google With Smartphone Interface

Social media giant Facebook is making software called "Home" that will add a Facebook interface to Android phones.

T-Mobile Intros iPhone, Ditches Contracts

T-Mobile became the first major U.S. carrier to ditch long-term customer contracts, announcing Tuesday a slew of low-cost options designed to lure customers from its larger competitors.

Microsoft Facility Envisions Home, Office of the Future

For nearly 20 years, Microsoft has had the Microsoft Home in a building on its Redmond, Wash., campus. In that facility, Microsoft replicates a home outfitted with technologies that it thinks will be in use five to 10 years in the future.

National Day of Unplugging: Turn Off Smartphones and Slow Down

Davy Rothbart's to-do list this weekend includes reading and walking along the Huron River trail. What it does not include is making calls, checking e-mail or texting.

Microsoft Refines Its Concept of Future Homes

Put a skillet on your stove as you prepare to make a stir-fry, and an interactive chef on the big screen in your kitchen tells you a wok would probably work better.

Google Launches High-end Touchscreen Chromebook

Google launched a major upgrade Thursday to its line of Chromebook computers: a touchscreen device called the Pixel that starts at $1,300 for the Wi-Fi only version.

WorkZone: Regulators Set Stance on Worker Web Posts

Have a gripe about your working conditions?

Digital Footprint Can Damage Job Seekers

They might have mastered advanced calculus and organic chemistry or breezed through law school, but college graduates seeking jobs must guard against potentially dangerous digital baggage: long-forgotten blog entries, text messages, statements and photos posted on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

iPad Helps When the Dancing Is Done

Like most people who live to be in their 90s, Liz LeMat has witnessed changes that most of us read about in history books, from important technological advances to world-changing social movements.

Santa Fe Public Library Launches E-book Loan System

Pat Hodapp, head of the Santa Fe Public Library, doesn't own a Nook, a Kindle or an iPad -- but she sees the value they can provide for her patrons.

Atari Collector Isn't Just Playing Around

Back in the digital dark ages of 1982, Atari made a video game that was so bad, so utterly unplayable, that the company wound up burying millions of copies in the New Mexico desert.

Social Networking: Friending Your Folks

Like many teens, Christopher Bell is a regular on Facebook and other social media sites. So are Christopher's parents, and that has a bearing on what he posts.

Digital Banking Is a Win-Win

Think online or mobile banking is just for Gen X or Gen Y? Think again.

Bye-bye Ear Buds? Headphone Shifting Toward Bigger Models

Ear buds, the miniature headphones that are commonly used with portable music players and mobile phones, have ruled the marketplace for years. Recently, though, they've been losing ground to old-school, full-size headphones -- sometimes called "cans" -- that promise to offer better sound or a more private listening experience.

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