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Justices: 'Get a Warrant' to Search Cellphones

In a rare unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant to search the phone of people they arrest.

Reading Tablets: Good For Reading But Little Else

E-book readers provide little versatility but are great for its purpose -- reading books.

Android Smartwatches Make Evolutionary Advances

Samsung's Gear Live and LG's G Watch are good products and will appeal to those who like to be among the first to own new gadgets.

Veo App Offers Freebies, Coupons for Hispanic Shoppers

Hispanic shoppers can discover new things to love, get more out of brands they trust and save money through the new bilingual Veo app, The Latinum Network announced.

Smartphone Apps Help Achieve Goals

Smartphones, sometimes seen as a distraction, could be the opposite by helping users stay attentive to achieve goals, a U.S. researcher says.

Relationship Website Launched for California Hispanics

A new Spanish web site about relationships and marriage targets California Hispanics.

How to Write a Social Media Will

Nearly half of all U.S. seniors use Facebook and other social media to stay connected with friends and family, promopting to add social media advice to its official guidance on writing a will.

XBox One Doesn't Listen Very Well

Xbox One owners might need to tell their fancy new console what to do more than once, despite the flashy commercials that began airing last week.

LG G Pad Tablet to Sell for $350 in November

LG says it will start selling a tablet with a high-definition screen starting Nov. 3 in the U.S. for $350, putting the price in line with Apple and Samsung tablets of similar size.

Managing Your Personal Brand

In an age where user-curated information can be shared globally, in real time, it's imperative to understand and own your online brand.

Mark Zuckerberg Buys His Neighbors' Houses

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has bought four homes adjacent to his own 5-bedroom crash pad in one of Palo Alto's toniest neighborhoods to prevent a massive building project next door.

'Selfies' Surge Across Social Media Platforms

While the selfie is as ancient as MySpace, the snapshots are surging across social-media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Can Stir up Relationship Drama

Facebook obsession may spur emotional and physical cheating, breakups or divorce, according to a study to be published in the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

Digital License Plates Raise Privacy Concerns

California license plates could go wireless as part of a state Senate bill now in the Legislature, but privacy advocates say the plates could let government surveillance agencies circumvent laws requiring search warrants before using vehicle tracking devices.

No Worries With Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Smartphone

The new Galaxy S4 Active is a "ruggedized" version of the S4. Slightly bigger than the standard version, the Active sports a tough coating that minimizes scratches and makes the phone waterproof in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The phone also is dust-resistant and more able to withstand falls.

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