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HuffPost Introduces 'Latino Voices' Channel

Today, the Huffington Post launched its LatinoVoices channel. Site founder and the president/editor-in-chief of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group introduced the new initiative.

Comcast's $10 Internet Initiative Increases Web Access

Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) has announced a broadband adoption initiative with which it seeks to "bridge the digital divide in America." Through the "Internet Essentials" program, certain low-income families will qualify for high-speed Internet service at about $10 a month.

gdgt: The New Online Home for Gadget Fans

Conceived by its founders as a gadget site where fans could "hang out all day," gdgt combines a sleek interface, gadget database, and social networking-style features to create a forum where the devices are the stars

gdgt Goes Live: Rojas and Block's New Site for Hardcore Gadget Fans

Gadget lovers, welcome to your new online home. Conceived by its founders as a gadget site where fans could "hang out all day," gdgt combines a sleek interface, gadget database, and social networking-style features to create a forum where the devices are the stars. gdgt is the brainchild of Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, both formerly top editors at groundbreaking technology blogs Gizmodo and Engadget.

Social Network Pulling an 'American Idol': Quepasa.com is Voting Hub for International Singing Contest

Quepasa.com's user base continues to grow at an impressive clip, but that's no reason for the Web site to sit on its laurels. The Hispanic-focused social networking site recently signed an agreement to act as the exclusive voting hub for hit show Batalla de las Americas (Battle of the Americas). Batalla and, in the future, for fans of other voter-based reality shows.

Microsoft's New Zune HD is Feature-Laden; Plays Nicely with Xbox

Zune, Microsoft's advanced digital music player that is aimed squarely at combating the mighty iPod, is getting an upgrade this fall with the introduction of the Zune HD. The music and entertainment device not only plays music and video, but it is equipped with Wi-Fi, as well as a radio receiver that allows the user to access HD radio stations, the Internet, and even play Xbox Live on the go. Jose Pinero, Director of Multicultural Marketing for Microsoft, spoke to HispanicBusiness.com and elaborated.

Panda Security Gives Away Free Computer Antivirus Product

A leading computer security firm is giving away a free downloadable antivirus product that uses cloud computing to protect personal computers from Cyber nasties such as last month's dreaded Conficker computer worm. Panda Security, the Spain-based creator of Panda Internet Security and Panda Antivirus, earlier this month unveiled a beta version of its new product, Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Study: Hispanic Online Activity Skyrockets

The number of Hispanic people using the Internet skyrocketed last year, growing at nearly four times the rate of the rest of the American population. That is the conclusion of a study released Thursday by comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world.

Hispanics Aggressively Adapting to Tech; Companies Taking Notice

Cosmetology school student Susan Isais never goes anywhere without her Blackberry. The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Isais represents an important bridge between wireless technology and her parents' generation of befuddled users trying to cope with the dynamic cell phone era. Studies show that U.S. Hispanics like Isais are using high tech and mobile tech at a disproportionately high rate. And the tech companies are paying attention.

Experts: Media Hype May Have Thwarted Conficker -- But Don't Get Too Relaxed

It was an odd phenomenon: The more media stories you saw about the massive Conficker computer worm that was supposed to wreak havoc on April 1, the less likely it was that anything would happen on that day. Executives from a leading computer-security firm say that although widespread media coverage -- some might call it hype -- may have thwarted Conficker on that day, the virus is still very much a threat. Juan Santana, CEO of Spain-based Panda Security that the virus's still-unknown authors may just be biding time.

Counteracting Compromised Computers: a Conversation With Panda Security's Juan Santana

Staying a step ahead of those who wish to do harm through computers is a tough business. Enabling business networks and home PCs to fend them off is Juan Santana's business. As the CEO of Panda Security -- a Spanish firm that's attempting to grow its business worldwide -- Mr. Santana has to contend not only with viruses, hacking, and malware, but with bigger security companies, like Symantec or McAfee, and, perhaps more notably, the misinformation that most computer users operate under.

Cascades Technologies' Casta: Entrepreneurial Passion Fuels Success

In 2000, Alfredo Casta launched information technology business from his home. Today, he has 87 employees and takes in nearly $10 million in revenue. As CEO of Cascades Technologies in Virginia, Casta has turned his entrepreneurial fire into a thriving IT company. But it was a long journey for the Puerto Rico-native. His ride to success was anything but predictable.

Quepasa.com's Clear Vision Fuels Astounding Growth

Quepasa.com has found itself in a very interesting -- and enviable -- position. Originally founded as a Web portal for Spanish speakers in 1997, the site was made over into a social network in September 2007. That relaunch failed. But the subsequent management team has proved that the goal of successfully transitioning to a social network was a good one . . . to the tune of more than 1.6 million unique visitors per month and growing.

Microsoft's New Initiatives Emphasize Flexibility, Convergence, and Regard for Hispanic Market

It's no surprise that Microsoft Corp. is attending this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and that the computing powerhouse is making some big announcements at the nation's preeminent technology showcase. Despite the whirlwind environment, Jose Pinero, Microsoft's director of diversity marketing and communications, took some time to chat with HispanicBusiness.com. Among they key points we learned from the conversation: Microsoft's approach to reaching U.S. Hispanics mirrors its new position on entertainment media: it's all about choice.

Breaking Barriers: World-Renowned Molecular Biologist Blazes New Trails

Troubled by her low chemistry grades, Lydia Villa-Komaroff turned to her adviser at the University of Washington for some career direction. He turned to her said, "of course you are doing badly. Don't you know that women don't do well in chemistry?" That misguided advice only served to motivate the New Mexico native into becoming one of the country's foremost and influential scientists. Hispanic Business recently honored Ms. Villa-Komaroff with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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