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Facebook Shareholder Meeting Not So Friendly

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced his first shareholders meeting, a year after the social media giant's flopped IPO, in what has been a rocky ride for company investors.

Facebook Opens Data Centre in Northern Sweden

Facebook on Wednesday opened its first European data centre in northern Sweden, which began to handle commuter traffic from around the world.

STEM Jobs Fight Head Winds in Orlando

Metro Orlando may be home to more than 164,000 jobs requiring some special knowledge of science, technology, engineering or math, but it does not stack up well against the country's other 100 largest metro areas, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution.

Apple, Sony Sign Streaming Music Deal

Apple has signed a streaming music deal with Sony Music just days before the company is expected to announce iRadio for iTunes.

Raytheon's Goal Is to Inspire Next Generation of Innovators

What do missiles think about as they're flying through the air?

Dell Board OK's Michael Dell Buyout Offer

Dell's board recommended a takeover bid led by Michael Dell, saying it's in the best interest of the slumping PC maker's shareholders, and asked them to approve the deal when it's put to a vote in July.

IBM Nabs SoftLayer in $2 Billion Deal

IBM has bought cloud computing company SoftLayer in a deal that strengthens the firm's offerings in the sector, the companies announced Tuesday.

Yahoo Shuts Down Mail Classic, Requires Users to Upgrade

Yahoo says it is ending Mail Classic, requiring all users to switch to the new version of Mail and accept an update to its new terms of service/privacy policy.

Zynga Announces 2nd Round of Layoffs

Zynga said Monday that it would cut about 18 percent of its workforce and close some offices in an effort it expects will save $70 million to $80 million annually.

Zynga Hopes to Score With Midcore Game Strategy

Social-gaming giant Zynga is enlisting more talent on midcore combative games as it girds for war in a mobile arena dominated by new studio players.

U.S. to Help Mexico Improve Sci-Tech Industry

The U.S.-Mexico joint Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation, and Research is set to help kick-start Mexico's sci-tech industry in a move meant to reposition the Mexican economy within global markets.

Shareholders to Vote on Dell Buyout Plan

Dell shareholders are to vote July 18 on whether a buyout offer proposed by company founder Michael Dell and an investment group should go forward, the company said Friday.

Solomo Technology Raises $1.7 Million in Venture Capital

Solomo Technology Inc., which provides mobile technology tools to retailers and other businesses, has raised $1.7 million of venture capital funding.

Hewlett-Packard May Sell a Portion of its Colorado Springs Campus

Tech giant Hewlett-Packard appears ready to sell about one-third of its scenic, 365-acre campus on Colorado Springs' northwest side, according to documents the company has filed with city planners.

Microsoft Windows Start Button Coming Back

Responding to widespread complaints about its tiled, touchscreen-friendly start screen for its new Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft on Thursday announced that it would reintroduce its traditional Start button in an update.

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