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Poll: Android Devices Lead Smartphone, Tablet Growth

Growth in the smartphone and tablet market is increasingly driven by Android-based devices, not Apple ones, a U.S. poll indicates.

Yahoo Logo a Goner, but Purple's a Keeper

In 2010, for example, San Francisco casual clothing maker Gap suddenly gave its famed blue-square logo the boot, replacing it with one that set the Gap name against a white backdrop. After a week of mounting criticism on the Internet, Gap reverted to its old logo.

Eric Lefkofsky, New Groupon CEO, Says He'll Stick Around

Eric Lefkofsky says he intends to head Groupon till the Chicago outfit has stabilized as an e-commerce company.

Yahoo to Trot Out New Logo

Yahoo is getting a makeover a year after CEO Marissa Mayer launched her ambitious plan to revitalize the ailing Internet pioneer.

AOL to Buy

AOL will buy video advertising platform for $405 million in cash and stock, the online company's biggest deal since leaving Time Warner.

Tech-firm Immigration Debate Is a Ploy, Critics Say

Some of Silicon Valley's largest tech firms have spent millions to steer the direction of the immigration debate to capture a supply of highly skilled immigrant workers at low cost, according to critics.

Apple Faces Antitrust Oversight in U.S.

The Justice Department is pressing for an antitrust monitor to supervise the Apple Store as part of the remedy for the company's conviction for illegally fixing the price of e-books.

USHCC Offers Training in Social Media

Representatives from more than 20 Hispanic chambers met to learn social media best practices, which will be shared to and ultimately, benefit businesses across the country.

Sony Picks up Profit on Yen Fall, Smartphone Sales

Sony posted a net profit of $35 million in the April-to-June quarter on a weaker yen and strong smartphone sales, the company said Thursday.

Microsoft Needs a New Name for SkyDrive Service

SkyDrive, the Microsoft online storage service, is getting rebranded following a settlement with British Sky Broadcasting Group.

Starbucks Switches to Google Wi-Fi

Starbucks says it's switching from AT&T to Google for its free Wi-Fi service to give customers faster wireless connections.

Facebook Stock Finally Surpasses IPO Price

Shares of Facebook stock has finally risen above its initial public offering price in 2012.

Apple's New Mfg. Partner May Not Be Improvement

Apple's new manufacturing partner, Pegatron, may be treating workers as badly as Foxconn did, according to a report from China.

Activision Blizzard to Go Public

Activision Blizzard, producer of "World of Warcraft" and "Call of Duty," says it will buy back shares from parent Vivendi and turn itself into an independent, publicly owned company.

Google Moves Into Internet TV Again

Google elbowed into the crowded field of Internet TV on Wednesday with the Chromecast dongle, a deceptively simple-looking, $35 device small enough to fit on a key chain.

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