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Twitter's #IPO in 140 Characters or Less

Here are some fun facts about Twitter, which announced its IPO on Thursday in 140 characters or less.

Marissa Mayer Pushes Yahoo Stock Above $30

Yahoo stock rose above $30 for the first time since 2008, a symbolically important milestone that seemed unattainable until the tech firm hired Marissa Mayer as its CEO last year.

Dell Gets Dinged With Junk Credit Rating

S&P lowered Dell's corporate credit rating Wednesday, dropping it out of investment grade, citing the slump in PC demand and the possibility that the company could soon go private.

Dell Shareholders Say OK to Buyout Offer

Dell shareholders have approved a $24.8 billion offer from its founder to buy the company and take it private, ending the struggling computer maker's quarter-century history as a publicly held company.

Apple Reveals iPhone 5C

Apple has introduced the iPhone 5C, a low-cost version of its flagship smartphone.

New iPhone 5 Models Revealed

As expected, Apple unveiled a cheaper version of the iPhone along with a more advanced model with a fingerprint sensor during its Tuesday press conference.

Texas Instruments Narrows Q3 Outlook

Texas Instruments said the third quarter is "generally tracking" with its expectations; analysts expect revenue of $3.23 billion.

Crowdfunding Websites Draw Eyes, Dollars

Asking for financial backing seems to be getting a little easier, thanks to the recent profusion of online crowdfunding options like Kickstarter and

American Tower to Acquire Global Tower Partners

American Tower Corp. announced it has agreed to acquire the outstanding common membership interests of Global Tower Partners' parent company.

Federal Judge Ties Apple's Hands on Book Pricing

A U.S. judge Friday restricted technology giant Apple from influencing electronic book prices for up to two years as a response to an antitrust ruling in June.

Yahoo Logo Nothing New, Expert Says

Yahoo's much-touted new logo epitomizes "ordinariness," a Beverly Hills marketing strategist said.

Yahoo Reveals Redesigned Logo

After 30 days of typographic teases, Yahoo, as promised, unveiled its newly redesigned logo.

HTC Designers Arrested in Alleged Trade Secrets Leak

Taiwan smartphone manufacturer HTC said Monday that its business operations remained normal after several of its senior designers were arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and theft of commercial secrets.

Verizon May Buy Out Vodafone Shares

Vodafone is in talks with Verizon Communications to sell off its shares of their wireless venture in the U.S., Vodafone confirmed Thursday.

Who Will Wear Ballmer's Hat at Microsoft?

Guessing who might replace Steve Ballmer has always been something of a game for Microsoft watchers, but now that he's going, his replacement remains a mystery.

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