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Netflix vs. Comcast: The Preliminary Bout

Comcast may have agreed to uphold net neutrality rules that guarantee content providers equal treatment, but that doesn't mean Netflix can't "volunteer" to pay more to get an uninterrupted video feed to its customers.

Neil Young Closes Kickstarter Campaign for PonoMusic

Neil Young's Kickstarter campaign to fund his digital music project PonoMusic has raised $6.2 million through 18,000 supporters.

Yahoo Struggles Despite Alibaba Boost

Yahoo shares jumped in after-hours trading Tuesday thanks to its 24 percent ownership of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, but Yahoo's traffic and revenue are flat.

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange to Be Liquidated

Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox is headed for liquidation after a Japanese court rejected a bailout plan. CEO Mark Karpeles is likely to be investigated for liability.

Motorola Selling Enterprise Unit to Zebra

Zebra Technologies will spend more than $3 billion to buy the enterprise business of Motorola Solutions in a technological and geographical expansion.

Google Buys Titan Aerospace

Google announced on Monday that it will buy solar atmospheric satellite maker Titan Aerospace.

Twitter Execs Not Selling Stock After Post-IPO Lockup

Twitter says its CEO and co-founders have no plans to sell any of their shares when the company's post-IPO lock-up expires on May 5.

Nasdaq, Tech Stocks Stumble in Sobering Comedown

The stock market's laws of gravity are inflicting pain on technology trailblazers whose values have plummeted from record highs during the past few weeks.

Amazon Could Offer Employees $5,000 to Quit

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans a new initiative to offer employees up to $5,000 to quit, to ensure Amazon only retains people who really want to work there.

Dropbox Petitioned to Drop Condoleezza Rice From Board

A petition is asking users to tell Dropbox to remove Condoleeza Rice from its board.

Icahn Backs Off eBay Bid

Carl Icahn backed off calls for eBay to spin out its fast-growing PayPal payments unit after he failed to drum up support from major shareholders.

BlackBerry May Hang Up Handset Business

BlackBerry would consider exiting its handset business as the technology company looks to expand its corporate reach with investments, acquisitions and partnerships.

Is Tech Stock Slide A New Dot Com Bubble?

As major tech stocks have declined does this mean the dot com bubble is about to pop?

Tech Shares Selloff Spreads Through Global Markets

A selloff of Internet and technology stocks that started on Wall Street went viral around the world Monday, with tech companies in Asia getting hammered by worries that shares are overpriced.

Micron Technology Profits Surge, Sales Lag

Micron Technology's profits in its latest quarter more than doubled from the previous quarter, despite essentially unchanged sales from the previous quarter.

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