HispanicBusiness.com Ad Specifications

Supported Placements

HispanicBusiness supports advertising in the following placements:

  • Banner ads

  • Newsletter ads. Note that reporting differs substantially for newsletter ads than for banner ads.

  • Classifieds

Supported Media Types

HispanicBusiness will accept the following media types:

  • GIF-formatted images

  • JPEG-formatted images

  • SWF-formatted Flash files

    • Flash files need to read the clickTAG variable that is being passed into it and then navigate to that URL that is stored in the clickTAG variable.

    • More information on Preparing Flash for Click Tracking can be found here!

  • JS client-side script

  • Rich media types including expandable ads such as Pointroll or Eyeblaster (see below for additional specs)

Unsupported Media Types

HispanicBusiness cannot support the following media types:

  • HBI-hosted RTSP streams, including Real streams and QuickTime streams

  • Client-side scripted dynamic advertisements which rely on nonstandard javascript and which cause pages on which they are served to fail on popular browsers


HispanicBusiness strives to be compatible with most third-party ad server tracking methods. This involves a series of redirections pointed to the browser when the content is downloaded, and when the ad is clicked. HispanicBusiness currently tracks:

  • The number of times an ad is placed over the course of a campaign (impressions). Note: HispanicBusiness does not track the number of times the content of an ad is requested by the browser.

  • The number of times an ad is clicked over the course of a campaign. Note: this tracking is for banner ads only. Other placements may or may not support this tracking. Also, if the ad is hosted by a third party, the amount of tracking that can be relayed from HBI´s server to the third parties, and the amount of tracking that can be relayed from the third party´s server to HBI´s server, is subject to a certain degree of variance.

Image Types :







Max Initial Download File Size

Welcome Screen:

640 px

480 px

Initial Screen

15 seconds

40 KB


728 px

90 px


15 seconds

40 KB

Medium Rectangle:

300 px

250 px


15 seconds

40 KB

Full Banner:

468 px

60 px


15 seconds

40 KB


160 px

60 px

Right Side

15 seconds

40 KB


160 px

600 px

Left sides

15 seconds

40 KB


160 px

600 px

Right sides

15 seconds

40 KB

Expandable Ads:


Base ad unit must be a standard dimension of 468x60 or 160x600

  • Expanded panel for 468x60 standard banner 468x180 pixels

    • Available location is a bottom banner expanding up

  • Expanded panel for skyscraper 1 (160x600) banner 480x600 pixels

    • Available location is a left-side skyscraper expanding right

  • Expanded panel for skyscraper 2 (160x600) banner 480x600 pixels

    • Available location is a right-side skyscraper expanding left

File Size:

Base ad unit as above — initial expanded panel 40k

File Format:

GIF or Macromedia Flash Compatible SWF file

Backup Gif:

A backup GIF must be provided for non-Flash users

Frame Rate:

18 frames per second is preferred


Should activate on mouseover and deactivate on mouseoff


Audio must be initiated by user click


Dependent on size of expanded unit and any third-party serving fees


Ad size

Acceptable files

Max File Size


200 x 200, 200 x 400,
400 x 200

GIF-formatted images,
JPEG-formatted images,
PSD-Photoshop native file,
PNG-Portable Network Graphics file,
PDF-May incur additional charges

No more than 20 KB

Tracking can be provided for an additional charge

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