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HB500 2012 - 30th Anniversary

New! Purchase the Latest HispanicBusiness 500 Directory

For more than two decades, the annual HispanicBusiness 500 directory has served as a barometer of the U.S. Hispanic economy. A purchase of the 2012 directory provides the top 500 Hispanic-owned companies list in Excel format, including CEO names and more... ...continue

Hispanic Economy in Transition Cover Art

Hispanic Economy in Transition

Hispanics are now the largest ethnic minority in the United States and during the past decade, U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has rapidly increased. This report takes an in depth look at how today's Hispanic Economy is transitioning into an economic power in the U.S. Click here for the executive summary and table of contents! ...continue


Hispanic-Owned Businesses: Growth Projections

The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States is expected to grow 41.8 percent in the next six years to 4.3 million, with total revenues surging 39 percent to more than $539 billion, according to new estimates by HispanTelligence. Spurred by growing entrepreneurial trends and affluence among the nation's largest minority population, the increase is expected to come at a robust rate of 8.5 and 8.7 percent, respectfully, over the next couple years. ...continue

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Hispanic-Owned Businesses Estimated to Reach at Least 2.2 Million in 2008

HispanTelligence estimates that existing trends support the projections of at least 2.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses generating close to 388.7 Billion Dollars in revenues in 2008 according to a new report released by Hispantelligence. With a compound annual growth rate of 9.1 percent over the last 5 years, Hispanic-owned businesses are increasingly impacting the overall U.S. Economy. ...continue


India's Mars Rocket Will Aid Moon Robot

India's Martian Orbiter Mission will provide know-how to aid a planned robotic moon voyage in addition to testing the Martian atmosphere for methane, a potential sign of life. ...continue


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