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In the Elite Company of 2013 WOY Finalists

This year's WOY finalists, each of whom is a CEO of a HispanicBusiness 500 company, have used smarts and determination to rise to the top of their professions.

2013 Woman of the Year: Carmen Castillo

Carmen Castillo, the first female Hispanic CEO of a billion-dollar company, walks away with this year's Woman of the Year award.

Websites as Critical Information Distribution Models

Obamacare is not only changing the rules for hundreds of millions of Americans and the companies they turn to for health-care coverage, it is changing the way patients and providers interact.

Top 10 Health-Care Organizations: A Snapshot

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes many of the rules to which medical professionals, insurance companies and health-care service providers have grown accustomed.

Top 25 Leaders in Supplier Diversity

This year's Top 25 Supplier Diversity Companies index shows the top three contenders from last year remaining neck and neck.

Synergy: A Key Link in the Supply Chain

As minority businesses match their capabilities with the procurement needs of billion-dollar corporations, the playbook for a successful MBE purchasing relationship is set.

The 2013 Top 25 Supplier Diversity Companies: Growing Success and the Economy

HispanicBusiness.com's annual Top 25 Supplier Diversity Companies are more important today than ever, as the list of companies participating in supplier diversity development programs expands and the dollar spend grows exponentially.

The 2013 Boardroom Elite

The list of Hispanic board members at Fortune 500 companies.

The 2013 Corporate Elite: Top 25 Executives

The "new normal" in corporate America is no longer "business as usual." For many years, belt tightening and worker productivity have been top priorities among the Corporate Elite who run Fortune 500 companies.

2013 Corporate Elite: Defining the New Normal

This year's Corporate Elites share common traits that enable them to rise above the political backbiting and economic uncertainty that permeates society and remain role models for aspiring young Hispanics.

Top 50 Advertisers

Dish Network's prominence on this year's list reflects a positive overall trend in the rise of media delivery companies, including satellite, wireless phone, and cable and broadcast TV providers.

2012 Media Report: A Question of Ownership

U.S. Hispanic media consumers will ultimately be the ones to determine the relative importance of a notable recent media trend affecting their communities.

Top 10 Vehicles Among US-Hispanic Consumers

U.S. Hispanics are spending money, and they're spending it on new vehicles -- from small gas-saving cars and light-duty trucks to luxury sedans and sport-utility models.

The 2012 Top 10 US-Hispanic-Owned Auto Dealerships

Car dealers see Hispanic consumers as an important part of their growth, and are noticing trends in what motivates Hispanic consumers to make purchasing decisions.

The 2012 US-Hispanic Auto Market Trends Toward Growth

Dealers interviewed by HispanicBusiness.com report consumers are stepping back into showrooms more quickly than the buying public as a whole. This trend reflects a recent survey showing U.S. Hispanics are optimistic about an economic recovery.

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