Fastest-Growing 100

The 2014 Fastest-Growing 100

Construction, automotive, wholesale sectors lead the way to stellar growth for the HispanicBusiness Fastest-Growing 100.

2014 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing Companies Directory

The 2014 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing Companies directory.

2013 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing Companies Directory

Here are the 2013 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing rankings.

America's Fastest-Growing Hispanic-Owned Companies

Revenue growth was down on the 2013 HispanicBusiness Fastest-Growing 100 index, but employment was up spectacularly.

Purchase the 2012 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing Companies Directory

Link here to purchase the the 2012 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing Companies directory.

2012 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing Companies Directory

Here are the 2012 HispanicBusiness 100 Fastest-Growing rankings.

No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company: Link America

Andres Ruzo compares his journey through the business world to his recent trek through the Andes -- full of ups and downs, but well worth the effort.

2012 Fastest-Growing 100 Overview

Despite an economy that doesn't know if it's the little engine that could or an elevator in free fall, some encouraging trends emerged from this year's HispanicBusiness Fastest-Growing 100 rankings.

100 Fastest Growing Companies, 2010

As a group, the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies brought in a heady $10.9 billion in revenue in 2009 more than double the $4.7 billion they posted in 2005.

100 Fastest-Growing Companies, 2009

The economic pillars of the business world have fallen, but HispanicBusiness Magazine's 100 Fastest-Growing companies have figured out that the recession need not be insurmountable. Despite the economic climate, the entrepreneurs behind these businesses continue to grow, posting major gains in revenue during the last five years.

Methodology: Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

Want to know more about how we find and determine our Top 100 Fastest-Growing Hispanic-Owned Companies? Our methodology -- including how you can nominate a company -- is included within.

El Paso Firm VEMAC Rides Boom to the Top: Spotlight on This Year's Fastest-Growing Company

We talked with the founder of the top company from this year's Hispanic Business 100 Fastest-Growing list, Venegas Engineering Management and Construction, which is known more by its acronym VEMAC. Oscar Venegas disclosed a few of the secrets to his construction company's surprising success and shared some of what it's like doing business in El Paso, Texas.

The Hispanic Business 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

The full list, recently revealed in our July/August issue, follows.

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Hispanic Business' 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

After our research department delivered the list of the fastest-growing Hispanic-owned companies in America, we wondered what all these success stories have in common. Is there a single, universal element of success they share? In search of an answer, we talked to six CEOs from some of the hottest companies, all in the top 20 of our list. The sectors vary, as do their locales, but they all have this in common: they are defying an unstable economy to produce skyrocketing profits. Here are the insights they shared with us. You may find some of them surprising.

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