Corporate Elite

Hispanic Representation in Boardrooms Remains Static

Despite the steady growth of the Hispanic population and an increasing number of Hispanic politicians and high-ranking executives, Hispanic representation in corporate boardrooms (an estimated 3 percent) remains poor, according to this year's Boardroom Elite list.

Corporate Elite Face Steep Challenges

This year's Hispanic Corporate Elite operated in a volatile economy; a year dominated by rising energy prices, growing threats of global warming, and a tsunami-size subprime mortgage crisis. Their response was to soldier on, keep producing the results that got them to their lofty posts, and adjust and execute business plans their companies set in place.

Top Boardrooms Fail to Reflect Hispanic Growth

Although the Hispanic population grows steadily larger, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of the American population, Hispanic representation in the boardrooms at the nation's biggest companies is not keeping pace, according to a survey by HispanTelligence.

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