Corporate Elite

25 Hispanics Stand Near Top of Corporate Ladder

Hispanic representation on the boards of Fortune 500 companies remains aggravatingly low entering 2014, but that doesn't mean the Hispanic influence isn't felt at the largest U.S. firms.

The 2014 Boardroom Elite

Here is a list of the 92 Hispanics that hold 116 seats on Fortune 500 boards as of January 2014.

The 2013 Boardroom Elite

The list of Hispanic board members at Fortune 500 companies.

The 2013 Corporate Elite: Top 25 Executives

The "new normal" in corporate America is no longer "business as usual." For many years, belt tightening and worker productivity have been top priorities among the Corporate Elite who run Fortune 500 companies.

2013 Corporate Elite: Defining the New Normal

This year's Corporate Elites share common traits that enable them to rise above the political backbiting and economic uncertainty that permeates society and remain role models for aspiring young Hispanics.

25 Dynamic Leaders: The 2012 Corporate Elite

Grace Lieblein President and managing director GM do Brasil Ms. Lieblein is responsible for the total operations of GM's subsidiary in Brazil. Prior to the appointment, she was president and managing director of GM de Mexico, the first woman to serve in that role.

2012 Boardroom Elite

List of Hispanic Board Members at Fortune 500 companies

2010 Corporate Elite: Diversity, Vision, Remain Keys to Success

In times of economic turmoil, the importance of the success story transcends the realm of mere human interest. As the U.S. economy struggles to regain its footing in the aftermath of a devastating recession, we look to these stories for optimism and, above all, a little insight. In its annual Corporate Elite edition, HispanicBusiness Magazine again highlights 25 highly successful Hispanic executives, whose stories remind us that, whatever the obstacles, success is within reach.

Top 20 Hispanic-Owned Companies in Florida

The Hispanic Business 500 has served as a barometer of the U.S. Hispanic economy for more than 25 years. We believe that applying our criteria on a statewide level can yield interesting results for our readers. Here, we take a closer look at the HB 500 companies in Florida.

2009 Corporate Elite--The Complete List

From high tech to hotels, food to fashion, check out our top 25 executives for 2009:

2009 Boardroom Elite: Complete List

Hispanic Business Media's 2009 Boardroom Elite -- the complete list -- follows.

2009 Boardroom Elite

In a year of major upheaval in the job market and corporate world, the number of Hispanics in America's boardrooms grew slightly, but remains at about 3 percent. Hispanic Business Media each year compiles its "Boardroom Elite," a listing of influential Hispanics who serve as directors of Fortune 500 companies. The 2009 list comprises 80 Hispanics filling 110 board seats. The total is up this year from 2008, when 79 Hispanics, filling 100 boardroom seats, made the list.

Hispanic Executives Continue Their Rise to Power Amid a Shaky Economy

Despite a mountain of economic uncertainty resting on their shoulders, Hispanic Business Media's 2009 Corporate Elite, represent 25 leaders who have defied expectations and obstacles to rise to the top of their industries.

2009 Corporate Elite: An Introduction

With the country's first African-American president in the White House, 2009 could be considered a breakthrough year for diversity. However, diversity at America's key companies still falls short of reflecting our society as a whole. The book is hardly closed, however, on the story of Hispanic diversity in corporate America. In fact, a look at Hispanic Business Media's 2009 Corporate Elite suggests that Hispanics are slowly but surely transforming the face of executive management at America's companies.

Top 10 Companies for Supplier Diversity

We've shared our Diversity Elite 60, the companies nationwide that are the most successful at embedding diversity into their corporate culture. Now, check out the Top 10 Companies in many important subcategories that figured into the overall standings. Read on to see who made our Top 10 Companies for Supplier Diversity.

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