Rand Paul Tangled in Own Mideast Rhetoric

While campaigning in Iowa, Sen. Rand Paul said he'd never proposed cutting off U.S. for Israel -- and then was confronted with his budget plan of 2011 that called for ending aid to all nations, including Israel.

Former NSA Head Starts Up Cyber Security Venture

Recently retired National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander raised eyebrows when he disclosed he is working on patents for what he calls a game-changing cybersecurity model.

Richard Nixon Tapes Released on 40th Anniversary of Resignation

Almost a decade after Richard Nixon resigned, the disgraced former president sat down with his one-time aide and told the tale of his fall from grace in his own words.

Milton Wolf Brings Pat Roberts to Bay

Three-term GOP Sen. Pat Roberts faces a challenge from Milton Wolf in Tuesday's primary in Kansas, one of four states kicking off a busy month of contests before November's midterm elections.

Most Americans Dislike Their Representative

More than half of U.S. voters disapprove of the performance of their own congressional representative, a record high for the ABC/Washington Post poll.

Rick Perry Forms Federal PAC

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, frequent guest on the Sunday television talk shows and frequent flier to Iowa, has not been coy about his interest in running for president again.

U.S. Companies to Invest $14 Billion in Africa

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced $14 billion in commitments from U.S. businesses to invest in Africa, home to six of the world's fastest-growing economies.

Palestine May Apply to International Criminal Court

The Palestinian foreign minister said his government intends to apply for membership at the International Criminal Court in hopes of holding Israel responsible for alleged war crimes - which could open an investigation into Hamas as well.

Gay Marriage Cases Flood U.S. Courts

Federal appeals courts covering half the U.S. will soon hear arguments on whether gay and lesbian couples can marry, part of a slew of cases putting pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a final verdict.

Leaders Discuss Business, Ebola at Africa Summit

The Obama administration at an unprecedented summit of African leaders on Monday grappled with investment, poverty, terrorism, corruption and deadly diseases.

U.S. Watches Summit Arrivals for Ebola Symptoms

Agents at U.S. airports are watching travelers from Africa for flu-like symptoms as delegations from some 50 countries arrive in Washington for a leadership summit this week.

Iran Gave Missile Technology to Hamas

Hamas is able to fire missiles into Israel because Tehran provided the technology to do so, a senior Iranian official said Monday.

USAID Sent Kids Undercover in Cuba

Young Latin Americans deployed to work undercover in Cuba had little training in the dangers of clandestine operations or how to evade one of the world's most sophisticated counter-intelligence services.

Fewer Migrant Children Crossing Border

The government said Monday it will soon close three emergency shelters it set up to house children caught crossing the Mexican border alone as the flood slows to a trickle.

Tax Averse States Raising Road Taxes

With Congress flummoxed over long-term highway funding, states are taking it upon themselves to tackle the politically uncomfortable task of raising revenue for aging transportation infrastructure.

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