Democrats to Visit Potential 2016 Convention Sites

The Democratic party will visit six sites to hold the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Missouri Gov. Nixon Vetoes 72-Hour Abortion Wait

Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed a bill that would have required a 72-hour waiting period for abortions in Missouri, citing the lack of an exception for victims of rape and incest.

Obama Reaches Beyond White House Economics Team

For the second time in three weeks, President Obama invited top economists to a private lunch at the White House, tapping a broad array of ideological views as he seeks to assemble an economic agenda for the rest of his presidency.

Wins Today Could Haunt GOP Tomorrow

Conservative Republicans claimed big victories this week that could hurt the GOP in 2016 when its presidential nominee looks for support among women and Hispanics.

Lawsuit Alleges Fraud in Thad Cochran Runoff Win

Backers of tea partier Chris McDaniel are suing the Republican Party of Mississippi and the Mississippi secretary of state, saying voters who supported Sen. Thad Cochran last week broke the law by also voting in the Democratic primary.

Putin Under Pressure as Ukraine Fighting Rages

To bring about a truce in Ukraine, Putin must face down nationalists at home pressuring him to send in troops to support the rebels occupying town halls and fighting government forces.

Romney Stumps for Brown in N.H.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is back in New Hampshire, this time campaigning for Scott Brown.

How 1964 Civil Rights Act Changed the U.S.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned discrimination and segregation on the basis of race, religion, national origin and gender in the workplace, schools, public accommodations and in federally assisted programs.

Islamic State Threatens Entire Middle East: Maliki

ISIL's declaration of an Islamic state in territory seized in Iraq and Syria poses a threat to the entire region, Iraq's prime minister warned Wednesday, saying that "no one in Iraq or any neighboring country will be safe from these plans."

U.S. Decries 'Heinous Murder' of Palestinian Teen

The Obama administration has condemned the killing of a Palestinian teenager as a "heinous murder" and is calling on the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Confusion Lingers Over Hobby Lobby Ruling

The Supreme Court's landmark Hobby Lobby ruling has sparked a lot of confusion about the fate of birth control in the U.S., though legal experts say the decision isn't as fuzzy as it seems.

House Changes Reporting of Lawmakers' Free Trips

The House is no longer requiring lawmakers to report some free trips they take on the annual forms they file about their personal finances.

McDaniel Still Won't Admit That Cochrane Won

Chris McDaniel hasn't presented any evidence that voter fraud pushed Senate incumbent Thad Cochran to victory in Mississippi's GOP runoff, but he he still hasn't conceded.

Ukraine Troops, Rebels Clash in Donetsk

Rifle shots rang out Tuesday in the streets of the largest city in eastern Ukraine and panicked residents fled as firefights flared after the president ended a cease-fire.

Pat Quinn Signs Same-Day Voter Registration Bill

Gov. Pat Quinn on Tuesday signed into law a measure allowing Illinois residents to register to vote and cast a ballot on the same day this fall.

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