Emanuel Cleaver's Office May Have Been Firebomb Target

Federal investigators are looking into an incident in which two bottles of alcohol with lit paper-towel fuses were thrown at a U.S. congressman's office early Thursday in Kansas City.

Attacking ISIS in Syria: A Minefield of Hate

In expanding its airstrikes into Syria against Islamic State extremists, the U.S. could find itself entangled in a morass of jihadis, rebel rivalries and religious hatred.

Senate Kills Citizens United Amendment

Senate Republicans have killed a Democratic-written constitutional amendment aimed at big spending in election campaigns by corporations, wealthy individuals and candidates themselves.

Sept. 11 Observance Held at New Museum in NYC

New Yorkers and tourists marked the anniversary Thursday of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks with a ceremony held at the new National September 11 Museum.

Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage for Pro-Israel Comments

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says he walked out of a speech Wednesday night after the "In Defense of Christians" dinner audience booed his comments in support of Israel.

Tea Party Discovers Political Reality, for Now

A year after the Tea Party caucus forced a 16-day partial government shutdown over President Obama's health care law, few seem to have the stomach to push their demands that far again.

Ted Cruz: Amending 'Citizens United' Will Make SNL Illegal

Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to claim that an amendment in the wake of the Citizens United ruling would criminalize Saturday Night Live by preventing corporations from engaging in political speech.

House Weighs Obama's Request for Syria Mission

House Republican leaders are postponing a vote on a short-term spending bill as they weigh President Obama's request for the authority to train and equip Syrian rebels battling Islamic State militants.

Susana Martinez Lacks 'Latino Heart': Gary King

Martinez, the nation's first female, Hispanic governor, responded: "I know what's in my heart" -- and a University of New Mexico political science professor said some could view King's comment as "race baiting."

Sentencing May Be Delayed for Richard Alarcon, Flora Alarcon

Sentencing for former City Councilman Richard Montes de Oca Alarcón and his wife, Flora Montes de Oca Alarcón, is expected to be delayed amid the Alarcóns' push for a new trial, attorneys said Tuesday.

Kerry Presses for Power Sharing in Iraq

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Iraq's Shiite leader on Wednesday to quickly deliver more power to wary Sunnis — or jeopardize any hope of defeating the Islamic State group.

David Cameron Rushes to Fend Off Scottish Independence

Prime Minister David Cameron and other U.K. political leaders have rushed north to Scotland, where Cameron begged Scots not to break his heart by voting to become independent from Britain.

E.U. Has Yet to Impose New Sanctions on Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Wednesday for the European Union to put new sanctions against Russia into effect immediately because peace plans for eastern Ukraine haven't yet been implemented fully.

Obama Outlines Plan to Fight Islamic Militants

President Obama will give a televised speech to outline an expanded effort to combat Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq, and urge Congress to quickly give him authority to arm moderate Syrian opposition forces fighting President Bashar Assad.

GOP Bill Would Delay Gov't Shutdown Till December

Republicans controlling the House will propose a short-term spending bill keeping the government open into December and extending authority to keep the Export-Import Bank open till June 2015.

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