Dick Cheney Blames Iraq Mess on Obama

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, who pressed for the initial U.S. invasion of Iraq, and daughter Liz Cheney blasted President Obama's foreign policy and publicly questioned his motivations.

Ukraine Offers Ceasefire in East

The Ukrainian president on Wednesday promised a unilateral cease-fire in the east after discussions with the Russian and German leaders.

Torture, Death at Hands of Ukraine Separatists

A steady rise in killings, torture and abductions by pro-Russia armed groups in eastern Ukraine has claimed hundreds of lives since last month, U.N. monitors in the region said Wednesday.

CIA Looks to Close Intelligence Gaps in Iraq

President Obama has shifted his focus away from airstrikes in Iraq against a fast-moving Islamic insurgency, in part because there are few clear targets, officials said.

Libya Demands U.S. Return Benghazi Suspect

The Libyan government on Wednesday denied it knew beforehand about the U.S. capture of a top suspect in the deadly 2012 assault on Americans in Benghazi and demanded his return.

Hillary Clinton Cautious About Going Back to Iraq

illary Rodham Clinton expressed caution Tuesday about the U.S. working with Iran to fight Islamic insurgents in Iraq, saying the U.S. needs to understand "what we're getting ourselves into."

Hispanic Democrat to Lead California State Senate

Kevin de León becomes the first Hispanic to lead the California State Senate, taking the post Oct. 15

Ex-Aide Pleads to Stealing Gov. Martinez's Email

A former campaign manager for Gov. Susana Martinez on Monday pleaded guilty to stealing emails that ended up in the hands of her political opponents, then lying to the FBI about how he did it.

Raul Labrador Can't Control Convention

Rep. Raul Labrador, the Idaho Republican running for House majority leader, presided over chaos at this weekend's state GOP convention in Moscow.

U.S. Security Forces Move Into Iraq

American forces are being positioned in and around Iraq to help secure U.S. assets as President Obama nears a decision on options for combating fast-moving Islamic insurgents.

Iraqi Insurgents Approach Baghdad

Fighting erupted at the northern approaches to Baghdad Tuesday as Iraq accused Saudi Arabia of backing militants who have seized territory in an offensive the U.N. says threatens the country's very existence.

Benghazi Terror Suspect Captured

A Libyan militant suspected in the attack on the U.S. legation in Benghazi is in U.S. custody.

Baghdad Braces for Return to Violence

As militants with a reputation for ultra-violence close in on Baghdad, a conflagration could be sudden and massive.

Miami Cubans Want Embargo Lifted: Poll

For the first time, a majority of Cuban-Americans surveyed in Miami said they support an end to the U.S. embargo of Cuba, according to a poll released Tuesday by Florida International University.

Obama Will Authorize ENDA by Executive Order

Rather than wait for Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, President Obama will sign an executive order banning discrimination against gay federal workers.

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