Conspiracy Theorists Say U.S. Started Islamic State

Is America behind the creation of the Islamic State? The BBC's Suzanne Kianpour, in Beirut, looks at the latest conspiracy theory doing the rounds in Lebanon.

DHS Wrongly Released 2,000 Prisoners in 2013

Low-ranking government officials didn't tell higher-ups they were releasing more than 2,000 immigrants from jails due to budget concerns, the Homeland Security Department's inspector general reported.

Kerry Calls Severed Head Photo 'Utterly Disgraceful'

Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday described the picture of an Australian boy holding a severed head in Syria as "stomach-turning" and said concerns about foreign jihadists would be taken to the U.N.

Hundreds of Thousands Could Lose Health Care Subsidy

Officials at the Health and Human Services Department said that letters are being sent to about 310,000 people with citizenship or immigration issues, many of whom haven't responded to repeated outreach efforts.

Sheriff Demanded Arrest of Hispanic Drivers, Deputies Say

Deputies say a North Carolina sheriff told officers to take Hispanic motorists to jail whenever they were stopped for traffic violations.

Obama Says Criticism on Syria Policy Is Horse Poop

President Obama responded to critics of his policy on Syria and his hesitation to arm the rebels, saying their criticisms are "horse[expletive]."

Florida Lawmakers Approve New Voting Map

Florida legislators finished revising a congressional redistricting map and sent it to Gov. Rick Scott for approval as they scramble to meet a deadline set by a state court.

Ukraine Says It Will Block Russian Aid Convoy

Ukraine says it won't allow a convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid from Russia to enter the country because it could be a pretext for Russia to send troops into separatist-held territory.

U.S. Sees Hope in Eastern Ukraine

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expressed cautious hope that diplomacy can ease tensions between Ukraine and Russia over Moscow's insistence on sending humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine in a move that could mask an invasion.

U.S. Mayors Vow to Fight Income Gap

More than 30 U.S. big-city mayors gathered in New York City to fight widening income inequality between the rich and the poor in urban areas.

Iraq Power Struggle Deepens as U.S. Wades Back In

Iraq's president snubbed incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and picked another politician to form the next government, setting up a political power struggle even as the country battles extremists in the north and west.

Clinton Backs Away From Obama Policies

Hillary Rodham Clinton made her most aggressive effort yet to distinguish herself from her former boss, President Obama, rebuking his cautious approach to global crises.

Christie to Take Trade Mission to Mexico

Gov. Chris Christie will travel to Mexico early next month on a trade mission intended to strengthen New Jersey's economic ties to the Latin American country.

De Leon Ready to Take the Reins in California Senate

This fall, Kevin De Leon will become the first Hispanic since the late 19th century to lead the California Senate as its president pro tem.

Hillary Clinton Twits Obama's Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton did not mince words about President Brack Obama's foreign policy slogan, "Don't do stupid stuff," saying it is not an "organizing principle."

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