IS Commander in Iraq Killed

Kurdish Peshmerga militia fighters killed senior Islamic State commander Yasin Ali Suleiman Shlash on Tuesday.

Phoenix V.A. Report Is 'a Whitewash'

A doctor who first exposed serious problems at the Phoenix V.A. hospital told the House Veterans Affairs Committee on Wednesday that a report on patient deaths there minimizes life-threatening conduct by senior leaders at the hospital.

ISIS Urges 'Lone Wolves' to Attack U.S.

Islamic State has posted online bomb-making instructions online and urged followers in the U.S. to attack Times Square and Las Vegas.

Obama Vows No U.S. Combat Troops in Iraq

President Obama spoke Wednesday to U.S. troops at Central Command in Tampa, Fla., about U.S. military action to combat Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

Rider to Arm Syrian Rebels Could Be Attached to Spending Bill

The House of Representatives is expected to vote to arm Syrian rebels to help combat Islamic State militants, a rare instance in which Republicans are more supportive of President Obama's plan than Democrats.

Obama Meeting With Iran Leader Not Likely

One year ago, President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani came close to ending the decades-long freeze on face-to-face meetings between their countries' leaders.

Occupy Wall Street Buys Up Student Debt

Occupy Wall Street has been buying large quantities of student loan debt for a fraction of the value -- and then forgiving the loans.

Challengers Lead Kansas Races

A recent Public Policy Polling survey showed independent Greg Orman running ahead of U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, even if Democrat Chad Taylor remains on the ballot.

Senate Says China Hacked Military Contractors

China's military hacked into computer networks of civilian transportation companies hired by the Pentagon at least nine times, Senate investigators said Wednesday.

U.S. Intelligence Can't Track Westerners in Syria

A top American intelligence official is acknowledging that the U.S. has difficulty tracking the movements of Westerners in Syria who have joined rebels fighting President Bashar Assad.

Iraqi Leader Says No to Foreign Ground Troops

Iraq's prime minister said U.S. airstrikes have been helpful in the country's efforts to roll back the Islamic State terrorist group, but stressed that putting foreign boots on the ground "is out of the question."

Can Kobach Keep Taylor's Name on Ballot?

The Kansas Supreme Court is considering whether the state's chief elections officer must fulfill a request from Democrats' nominee for the U.S. Senate to remove his name from the Nov. 4 election ballot.

Parameters Being Drawn for IS Action

Sen. Tim Kaine has drawn up legislation to authorize U.S. military force against Islamic extremists that would strictly limit the engagement of American ground forces.

Face to Face With Islamic State

As hundreds of worshippers streamed through the open doors, a young man with long, black hair emerged surrounded by the most thuggish bunch of gunmen I had ever come across in Syria, and that takes some doing.

Islamic State Power Base Emerges in Raqqa

Raqqa in northern Syria is Islamic State's power base and the focus of international efforts to defeat the Islamic extremists and rescue western hostages.

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