Lawful Immigrants Defend Driver's Licenses

Tens of thousands of immigrants in Georgia who have been granted temporary lawful presence by the federal government held their breath last week, as state lawmakers considered a bill that would block them from applying for driver's licenses.

GOP 2016 Hopefuls Face Off at CPAC

Former presidential candidates and a few new contenders are trying out their speeches at the nation's largest annual gathering of conservative activists.

Heavy Sanctions on Russia Could Backfire on West

U.S. and E.U. sanctions could sting Russia's already slow economy and hurt its financial sector, but Moscow could retaliate by seizing foreign assets or cutting exports of natural gas to Europe.

Darrell Issa Apologizes to Elijah Cummings

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has apologized to Elijah Cummings for cutting him off during a hearing on alleged IRS abuses.

Putin Shrugs Off Obama's Warnings on Ukraine

President Obama's warnings to Russia are being brushed aside by President Vladimir Putin, who appears to only be speeding up efforts to claim Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula for Russia.

Russia Has 30,000 Troops in Crimea, Ukraine Says

Ukraine said Friday that Moscow has deployed as many as 30,000 troops in the autonomous Ukrainian republic of Crimea, whose parliament has voted to hold a referendum on reunification with Russia.

Putin Gets Thumbs-up From Assad

Syria President Assad has expressed his "solidarity" with Russian President Putin's position on the crisis in Ukraine, state media reported Thursday.

EU Breaks Off Talks With Russia

Western leaders threatened serious consequences against Russia if it doesn't deescalate the crisis in Crimea, where a disputed parliamentary vote to secede from Ukraine has heightened war fears.

House OKs $1 Billion for Ukraine

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved a measure providing $1 billion in loan guarantees to shore up Ukraine's economy.

Crimean Referendum Violates International Law: Obama

President Obama says a planned referendum on whether the peninsula should join Russia violates international law and Ukraine's constitution.

Last Call for Hispanic Health Care Signups

President Obama issued a last call for Hispanics to get health insurance under Obamacare, and disputed that his credibility had been undermined by the plan's chaotic rollout.

Cuba Accepts Invite for Talks With EU

Cuba's foreign minister on Thursday formally accepted a European Union invitation to discuss improving ties, and expressed concern over upheaval in Venezuela and Ukraine.

Afghan National Army Troops Killed in NATO Airstrike

NATO has confirmed that five Afghan National Army soldiers were killed and several wounded in a mistaken drone strike in eastern Afghanistan.

Christie Says GOP Image Is Media's Fault

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday that Republicans must "take on" the media directly as they work to improve the party's image ahead of the midterm elections.

U.S. Moves Fighters, Destroyer to Europe

The Pentagon says six U.S. F-15 fighter jets will bolster air patrols over the Baltic states and the U.S.S. Truxtun is in the Black Sea to participate in long-planned exercises.

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