Kerry: No Evidence Russia Wants Peace in Ukraine

The U.S. on Tuesday said Russia has "not shown a shred of evidence" that it is willing to help end the violence in Ukraine.

White House Defends Kerry Over Israeli Criticism

The White House yesterday defended Secretary of State John Kerry after his attempt to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas elicited a flood of criticism from Jerusalem.

Intense Fighting Continues to Block MH17 Investigation

Combat between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian rebels on Tuesday impeded the beginning of the investigation at the crash site of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Israeli Overnight Strikes Kill Scores in Gaza

Overnight Israeli strikes in Gaza targeted the home of Hamas' top leader in Gaza, government offices and Hamas' TV station.

Jerry Brown Takes a Trade Trip to Mexico

California Gov. Jerry Brown called a news conference in Mexico City to strengthen bilateral ties between the two regions as its shared common border grapples with a surge in migrant children.

Boehner Says Impeachment Talk Is Democrat Scam

Despite calls for impeachment from the right, House Speaker John Boehner says it's all a plot by Democrats to raise money going into the November elections.

House GOP Agrees to Vote on Slimmed-down Border Bill

House Republicans have agreed to vote on a bill to address the immigration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border by sending in National Guard troops and speeding deportation of unaccompanied children.

Impeachment Threat Gives Dems a Million-dollar Payday

GOP talk about impeaching President Obama helped House Democrats' campaign committee raise $1 million online in a single day.

Va. Ban on Gay Marriage Ruled Unconstitutional

A judge has ruled that Virginia is for gay lovers too, saying apprehension and discomfort aren't legitimate bases for denying due process and equal protection.

Obama May Grant Work Permits to Immigrants

White House officials are making plans to act before November's mid-term elections to grant work permits to potentially millions of immigrants who are in this country illegally.

Ted Cruz Relents on Nominee Holds

Sen. Ted Cruz is no longer blocking confirmation of a series of ambassadorial and other diplomatic nominees over the Federal Aviation Administration's 36-hour ban on U.S. airline flights to Israel.

Hobby Lobby Ruling Exempts Satanic Temple From Hobby Lobby Ruling

According to the Satanic Temple, the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision bolsters the rationale that its members should be exempt from "informed consent laws" prior to having an abortion.

Anarchy, Chaos Sweep Across Libya

A rocket hit a fuel storage tank in a chaotic battle for Tripoli airport that has all but closed off international flights to Libya.

Israeli Criticism of Kerry Annoys White House

While the Obama administration supports Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas, officials have grown increasingly concerned about the civilian casualties in Gaza.

Oppression of Women Cripples Africa: Obama

President Obama on Monday urged young leaders in Africa to empower women and eliminate traditions like female genital mutilation and violence against women.

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