Mexico, U.S. Examine Use of Force on Border

Mexican and U.S. officials met to discuss the use of force by U.S. federal agents on the border in an effort to reduce violent incidents during the apprehension of migrants, the Foreign Relations Secretariat said.

Obama Has Room to Maneuver on Immigration Policy

What can President Barack Obama actually do without Congress to change U.S. immigration policies? A lot, it turns out.

Both Parties Court Minority Voters for November

With control of the House and Senate up for grabs, Democrats are looking to minority voters to help them ward off a Republican takeover of Congress this November.

Obama Vows to Veto House Immigration Bill

Soon after House Republicans pushed legislation on Friday that could clear the way for deporting 500,000 people brought here as children, President Obama dismissed it as simply checking "a box before leaving town."

Rights Groups Seek to Block Deportation Hearings

A coalition of immigrant-rights advocacy groups has asked a federal court to block upcoming deportation proceedings against several minors unless they are provided proper legal representation.

Justice Dept. Seeks Full-court Appeal in Obamacare Case

The Justice Department asked a full federal appeals court Friday to take up a case that has endangered subsidies helping millions of low- and middle-income people to afford their health care premiums under Obamacare.

U.S. Condemns 'Barbaric' Truce Violation in Gaza

The Obama administration on Friday condemned violations of the internationally brokered Gaza cease-fire by Palestinian militants and said the apparent abduction of an Israeli soldier was a "barbaric" action.

Colorado Issuing Immigrant Driver's Licenses

Colorado begins issuing driver's licenses and identification cards to immigrants Friday regardless of their legal status, marking a sea change from the state's formerly strict immigration laws.

U.N. Head Blames Hamas for Breaking Gaza Cease-fire

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanded that Hamas immediately and unconditionally release of an Israeli soldier reportedly captured after a humanitarian cease-fire started.

Rivera's Fate Could Rest on Friend's Shoulders

After four years of investigations, former U.S. Rep. David Rivera's fate in a criminal campaign finance probe could rest squarely on the shoulders of a a close friend and longtime Republican political consultant.

Judge Orders New Florida Elections Map

A Florida judge is ordering legislators to hold a special session to draw up a new state congressional map after the original one was ruled illegal.

Congress Uses Gimmicks to Fund Highways

Congress is providing $11 billion to prevent a 28 percent reduction in federal highway and mass transit spending at the peak of the summer construction season through these three tricks.

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Voter IDs Must Be Free

Wisconsin voters must be able to get state-issued identification without paying for documents, the state Supreme Court said Thursday.

House Shelves Immigration Bill, Goes on Vacation

In the final days of the session, the House used its time to approve a measure to sue Obama for exceeding his executive powers by delaying implementation of parts of Obamacare that the GOP didn't want in the first place.

House GOP Leaders Abandon Immigrant Bill

House Republicans moved toward a vote Thursday to address the immigration crisis on the border, after GOP leaders agreed to conservative demands for a separate vote aimed at blocking President Obama from expanding deportation relief to millions.

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