NRA Seeks Universal Concealed Carry Permits

The NRA's focus at its annual meeting is less about enacting state protections than on making sure the permits already issued still apply when gun owners cross state lines.

Pols Back Away From Bundy After Racist Statements

Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has become a hero for not paying his grazing fees, has caused a firestorm by wondering aloud if blacks were better off as slaves.

Herrera Beutler to Host Jobs Fair in May

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler will host her fourth annual Southwest Washington Job Fair on May 14 in Vancouver, Wash.

Hillary Clinton to UConn: 'Take a Stand'

Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a targeted message to millennials at the University of Connecticut: participate.

Ukraine Forces Clash With Pro-Russian Rebels

Ukraine's military has clashed with pro-Russian rebels in two eastern towns amid accusations by the U.S. that Russia is going against "the spirit" of a deal to ease tensions.

Freshman Senators Speak Out on Foreign Policy

A new generation of Senate Republicans and Democrats reflect a war-weary nation cautious about America's next moves.

Obama Opens Japan Trip with Sushi Stop

President Barack Obama opened a four-country Asia tour to reassure allies of the U.S.'s support in the region.

Biden Leaves Ukraine as Russian Invasion Threat Rises

Vice President Joe Biden finished his visit to Ukraine pledging U.S. support as the the threat of Russian invasion heightens.

Christie Stands Firm Against Recreational Pot

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has taken a hard line on recreational use, calling out Colorado and Washington.

DNC Reveals Short List of Cities for 2016 Convention

President Obama's hometown and Hillary Rodham Clinton's home base as a senator are among the 15 cities the Democratic National Committee is considering to host the party's presidential nominating convention in 2016.

John Paul Stevens Proposes 6 Changes to Constitution

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is calling for six changes to the Constitution, two of which are directly related to guns.

NATO Minesweepers Deploy to Baltic

Five NATO mine-hunting ships set off Tuesday on a deployment in the Baltic Sea in a bid to bolster its presence in Europe's ex-communist east as members there worry about Russia's intentions in Ukraine.

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Race Decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the state of Michigan's ban on using race as a factor in college admissions.

Obama Faces Big Challenges on Asia Trip

Many in Asia are watching how President Obama counters Russian aggression in Ukraine as a signal for how Washington will respond to future Chinese belligerence.

Jack Lew Visit Offers Hope for Bankrupt Detroit

If money from the Illinois's allotment of nearly $500 million from the federal Hardest Hit Fund were allocated to Detroit, it could free up a like amount in city funds which could then be used to offset a settlement with city retirees.

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