The Rise and Fall of Richard Alarcon

Richard Alarcón was a trailblazer in Hispanic politics whose career spanned from the City Council to the state legislature.

Ted Cruz Relents on Nominee Holds

Sen. Ted Cruz is no longer blocking confirmation of a series of ambassadorial and other diplomatic nominees over the Federal Aviation Administration's 36-hour ban on U.S. airline flights to Israel.

Hobby Lobby Ruling Exempts Satanic Temple From Hobby Lobby Ruling

According to the Satanic Temple, the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision bolsters the rationale that its members should be exempt from "informed consent laws" prior to having an abortion.

Anarchy, Chaos Sweep Across Libya

A rocket hit a fuel storage tank in a chaotic battle for Tripoli airport that has all but closed off international flights to Libya.

Israeli Criticism of Kerry Annoys White House

While the Obama administration supports Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas, officials have grown increasingly concerned about the civilian casualties in Gaza.

Oppression of Women Cripples Africa: Obama

President Obama on Monday urged young leaders in Africa to empower women and eliminate traditions like female genital mutilation and violence against women.

North Korea Threatens to Nuke White House

Sensationalist propaganda and intimidation from North Korea are common, and government officials have made similar threats in the past.

Journalists Build Case That Separatists Shot Down MH17

With international investigators still blocked from the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, reports from foreign correspondents appear to corroborate social media and intelligence accounts that link the crash to a Buk missile launcher fired by pro-Russian separatists.

Fighting Blocks Investigators, Police From MH17 Crash Site

Fighting in eastern Ukraine prevented a team of unarmed Dutch and Australian police officers from reaching the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 again on Monday.

Japan Increases Sanctions Against Russia

Japan is imposing more sanctions against Russia over its support for pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine who are accused of shooting down MH17, the chief government spokesman said Monday.

Judge Overturns D.C. Handgun Law

A U.S. federal judge ruled that a ban on carrying handguns in Washington, D.C., is unconstitutional.

U.N. Renews Demand for Gaza Cease-Fire

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday reinforced the Security Council's demand that Israel and Hamas end the violence "in the name of humanity."

Congress Passes Law Promoting Transparency Reconstruction of Haiti

Nearly five years after a devastating earthquake nearly flatten Haiti's capital, the U.S. Congress on Friday passed legislation aimed at shedding light on how U.S. funds are used in the country's reconstruction efforts.

Obama Seeks Help From Central American Leaders

President Obama met with Central American leaders while the House wondered how much money, if any, should be spent on stemming the flood of children coming across the border.

Watchers Are Watched Along the Texas Border

Texas already has been paying an extra $1.3 million a week to put more troopers and game wardens in South Texas, and expects to pay $12 million a month for the the National Guard deployment.

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