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President George W. Bush presented on Monday an immigration reform plan that he touted as a program to take in foreign workers combined with a tightening of controls along the U.S.-Mexican border.

S. Fla. Pushes for Hispanic Senator
A tug-of-war some 1,000 miles from Miami that has pitted Hispanic politicians against Democratic Party chiefs could prove critical to South Florida: The result may be a second Cuban-American U.S. senator.


Outsourcing Moves Closer to Home
A lot has been written about the outsourcing of high-tech and customer-service jobs to lands overseas. But the latest threat to job security in the United States, some argue, lies right next door, south of the border.

The Oppenheimer Report: U.S. Isolationism is Biggest Threat to Progress
A new poll by the Pew Research Center reveals that, as unhappy as Americans are with President Bush and the Iraq war fiasco, they are even more skeptical about the benefits of a greater U.S. "internationalism."

Business Recruiters Prowling California
California's business climate is looking shaky enough that recruiters from all over the country are once again trying to lure state-based companies into relocating.

Aiming for Fair-share Goals
Recently, Katrina Keyes showed a half-dozen minority contractors a map of the area where the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium will be built, telling them how Hispanic businesses can get a piece of the $650 million project.

The Economy: One Nation, Divisible by Age
Indeed, the deepest and ugliest divisions in American society in a couple of decades could have nothing to do with culture wars, or red states vs. blue. Think instead of old vs. young, both competing for the same limited pool of resources.

Hispanic Market

Top IBM Exec Also Latino Liaison
From the time of her arrival in Miami, Villar has made education a priority, first her own and later of other Hispanic employees at Big Blue. She was the first woman in her family to get a degree and now, as an IBM vice president, she is in charge of 900 people globally.

Hispanics on TV: A Good Business Decision
In the push for diversity in television -- the campaign to add people of color to key positions on both sides of the camera -- it's not the beauty of the rainbow that ultimately brings the big networks around. It's the promise of a pot of gold.

Fewer Hispanics Join Employer Retirement Plans
Hispanic workers participate in company-sponsored retirement plans at much lower rates than other ethnic groups, according to a new study.

HispanTelligence Research
More than 20 percent of Cubans are 65 or older, while a scant 4 percent of Mexicans are in that age bracket. On the other hand, 37 percent of Mexicans and 31 percent of Puerto Ricans are younger than 18.

The Fast Growing Hispanic Youth Market
While the U.S. median age continues to rise, from 35.3 years in 2000, the median age of Hispanics remains the lowest of all groups. Demographers predict faster growth among young Hispanics than among other young ethnic groups for the next decade.

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Search the 2005 Hispanic Business 500, a national benchmark of the surging development of U.S. Hispanic-owned companies.

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Charisma doesn't win auto races, but it does attract the sponsors and marketing partners that fund the sport. Fortunately, international race car driver Milka Duno has both charisma and skill at winning the checkered flag.

A Capital Question
Hispanic-owned PE firms with help from their political supporters are aggressively making the case that they deserve more opportunity to deliver returns.

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