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Insurance damages from Hurricane Katrina could be the most severe in US history, an industry expert said as the powerful storm slammed into Louisiana. Damage estimates currently range from $12 to $25 billion.

Low-rate Home Loans Elude Hispanics
Hispanics also struggled to get market-rate home purchase loans last year. The largest lenders charged Hispanics a high interest rate more than twice as often as whites, the Charlotte Observer has found.

The Real Key to a Housing Bubble
If housing prices fall, will mortgages cushion the downfall, or make it worse? Put another way, will more overstretched homeowners be forced to sell? Have financial innovations made it easier for Americans to buy homes?


Fuel Economy Rules Only Part of the Answer
The Bush administration announced a plan this week to force the nation's automakers to produce more fuel-efficient trucks. The savings from the U.S. plan would be 25 days' worth of fuel over 20 years.

US Firms to Return Some $300 Billion
US multinational firms have repatriated 191 billion dollars under a one-time tax break enacted by Congress, and the total is likely to reach 300 billion to 350 billion dollars, a study showed this week.

Tax Incentive Added to Buying Hybrid
Drivers out to beat gas prices should be patient. Starting in 2006, people who buy or lease hybrid vehicles, cars or sport utility vehicles powered by both gasoline and electric engines, can get tax credits of up to $3,400.

Hispanic Market

New Brands: Young, Hispanic and Hip
From Jennifer Lopez's new boutique in Chicago to Thalia Sodi's Kmart brand and Daisy Fuentes' fashions at Kohl's, clothing and accessory brands with a Hispanic pedigree are popping up everywhere.

Televisa is Sued by Univision
Univision's crumbled relationship with Mexican programming partner Televisa is starting to bruise the U.S. Hispanic media company's operations, court documents from a heated legal battle reveal.

HispanTelligence Research
Purchase your copy of latest research from HispanTelligence: The U.S. Hispanic Economy in Transition: Facts, Figures, and Trends (2005 Edition) -- a comprehensive study of the emerging Hispanic market.

The Fast Growing Hispanic Youth Market
While the U.S. median age continues to rise, from 35.3 years in 2000, the median age of Hispanics remains the lowest of all groups. Demographers predict faster growth among young Hispanics than among other young ethnic groups for the next decade.

Ad Expenditure Growth by Medium: 2000-2007
Double-digit gains in Hispanic advertising expenditures were made in all media, but television continues to garner the majority of all ad dollars, according to a new HispanTelligence research report.

EOY2005 Banner (2005)
From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
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latinode founders
Getting to the top is easy compared with staying there. That's what makes LatiNode's second consecutive number 1 ranking on the Hispanic Business Fastest-Growing 100 directory so surprising.

Zooming to Booming
CEOs have different recipes for growth, but they cite capital and good employees as common ingredients. Still, the experience of the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies shows more than one way to achieve astronomical gains.

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