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Aida Levitan
Bromley Communications Vice Chairperson Aida Levitan, one of Hispanic marketing's top names, has left the San Antonio-based agency in a downsizing of its Miami office that axed about 20 employees.

Meredith Goes En Casa, Launches Shelter Book Aimed At Hispanic Women
Meredith Corporation is launching a lifestyle and shelter publication targeted to Hispanic women. The bi-monthly, íSiempre Mujer! will debut this fall with an initial rate base of 350,000.

Banks Look for Cut of Mexican Market
Mexican immigrants have been wooed relentlessly in recent years by the nation's richest and largest banks, who see a growing, almost untapped market. Now the competition will intensify.

Espuelas Targets U.S. Hispanics in New Venture
Marketing guru Fernando Espuelas, who Time magazine called one of the "Leaders of the Millennium," is targeting another linguistic market often overlooked: U.S. Hispanics comfortable in English.

Hispanic Lawmakers Rally Against Gonzales
Hispanic Democrats in the US Congress rejected Alberto Gonzales as nominee for attorney general, saying he has not taken the time to meet with the group to discuss "issues important to the Latino community."

Senate Confirms Carlos Gutierrez as Commerce Secretary
The U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed Hispanic businessman Carlos Gutierrez as secretary of commerce.

President Urged to Act on Immigration Reform
Even as the president pitched his guest-worker proposal, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee introduced anti-immigrant legislation that purports to protect the country against terrorism.

Gates Laments Visa-Related Brain Drain
America's status as "the IQ magnet of the world" has been threatened as a result of the tougher immigration rules introduced in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has warned.

BofA Settles Mark Up Lawsuit
Bank of America Corp. has agreed to offer 600,000 auto loans with no dealer surcharge to settle a lawsuit alleging it allowed auto dealers to charge African Americans and Hispanics higher interest rates than white customers.

Facing Tight Times, Families Unite to Grow
Facing a squeeze, a trio of family-run businesses found themselves at common crossroads -- continue doing business as they had since the fall of Prohibition or find a way to work together.

HispanTelligence Research
Amid an explosive increase in the U.S. Hispanic population, advertisers spent an estimated $3.09 billion in 2004 to market their products and services to U.S. Hispanics. An 11 percent increase from the previous year.

2004 Hispanic Business 500
For more than two decades, the Hispanic Business 500 has served as a barometer of the U.S. Hispanic economy. The 2004 directory of Hispanic-owned firms tells a story of consistently improving weather.

Number of Hispanic-owned Service Firms Surges
The number of Hispanic-owned service firms is expected to increase by 800,000 firms in the coming years.

From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
A Hispanic Business CEO Roundtable convenes top 2004 EOY finalists and leading financial experts to discuss making capital more readily available to innovative Hispanic companies.

The Media Boom
Investment and advertising dollars are fueling a new round of growth across the country. But can all of the new players survive?

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