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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Volume 4, Issue 36

In the news this week...

6th Annual BOE U.S. Hispanic Economic Summit
The 2003 U.S. Hispanic Economic Summit hosted by the Hispanic Business Magazine Board of Economists (BOE), will be held on October 16, 2003, at the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C.

Hispanic Voters Getting Attention from Politicians
Hispanics have moved to the center of the political spotlight this year, labeled by both parties as a key swing voting bloc that could determine who wins the White House in 2004.

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Convene in Austin
The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) is gearing up for its 2003 Annual Hispanic Marketing Conference and Expo in Austin, Texas.

ValCom to Launch Latino Interactive Game Show, "Latino Bingo"
ValCom announces today that it's on target to launch "Latino Bingo"(TM), America's first live Interactive Hispanic Television Game Show, where all of the contestants will be participating at home via their television set and telephone.

Lieberman Unveils Plan to Aid Illegal Immigrants
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman launched a direct appeal for Hispanic votes Wednesday by promising to overhaul U.S. immigration laws.

U.S. Jobless Claims Grow, "True" Unemployment Rate 9.1 Percent
Unemployment queues lengthened to a two-month record last week, data showed Thursday, and a new analysis suggested the "true" U.S. unemployment rate was now 9.1 percent.

Music Downloads Won't Disappear
Give the record industry credit: It has shown far more creativity and imagination in screwing up this music download business than it has in the popular music it's produced over the last 10 years.

Who Is Making Money in the War on Terror?
The economic slowdown began well before the terrorist attacks with the collapse of the Internet bubble and sharp pullbacks on the stock market…9/ll actually boosted some businesses.

A Cruz to Nowhere
Though the Civil War ended more than 130 years ago, America's racial divisions have yet to heal. In the 20th century, the struggle for equal rights and civil justice for all was one of perhaps five dominant cultural and political themes.

'Gatekeeper' Opens Border Doors
John Carlos Frey is just a "blue-collar working actor" who made a living doing small parts on television. He's also a man who set out to make a movie about the experiences of illegal immigrants and has become an advocate for them.

Hispanics Finally Break The TV Barrier
An annual study just released reveals that the number of Hispanic actors on network TV has grown fivefold since 1990.

Miami Trade Group to Tap Leader
Isilio Arriaga, president of Hispanic Unity of Florida, a social-services organization based in Hollywood, is expected to be named president and chief executive of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce today.

Killing a Judicial Nominee with Kindness, Washington Style
Was Estrada a good lawyer? Would he have made a good judge? Of all the questions asked about the Honduran immigrant those two got the least attention.

Issues, Not Language, Matter Most
Spanish or English, language is secondary to the political issues at hand-- at least according to state and national Hispanic leaders who commented on last week's presidential debate.

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Celebration of Culture and Commerce
Ethnic event marketing works all year long, but reaches its high season during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Which School Is Right?
For Hispanic students, selecting an MBA or law program involves academic, social, personal, and financial considerations.

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