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Thursday, September 4, 2003

Volume 4, Issue 35

In the news this week...

Special Federal Program Helps Small, Disadvantaged Businesses
The program, called 8(a) for the section of the law creating it, is designed to "help small and disadvantaged businesses compete in the American economy and have access to federal procurement markets."

Analysis Shows Many Jobs in U.S. Workplaces Don't Reflect Cultural Changes
It's been well-reported that the nation has become more diverse over the last decade, but there hasn't been much detail about how well minorities have worked their way up the ladder in the nation's work force.

Opening Up a World of Information for Latinos
Hispanics with access to English content on the World Wide Web will soon have access to richer, higher quality information through a new initiative announced today by IBM.

With Schwarzenegger a No-Show, Other Candidates Debate
With actor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the sidelines Thursday, Gov. Gray Davis used the first debate in California's gubernatorial recall campaign to plead for a chance to complete his term in office.

Estrada Gives up on Appeals Bench
Hispanic lawyer Miguel A. Estrada threw in the legal towel Thursday, withdrawing from consideration for a U.S. Court of Appeals seat.

HispanicAd.com Forum to Go Live From Los Angeles on September 11th
The HispanicAd.com Forum, a live one-hour video and audio webcast, will be transmitted from Los Angeles during AHAA's 15th Semi-Annual Conference and panelists will respond to several questions submitted in advance on HispanicAd.com and live from the audience.

Hispanic Numbers in Colorado Grow to 18 Percent of State
Hispanics comprise one in every five Denver-area residents as their numbers in the population grew by more than 80,000 people statewide between 2000 and 2002, according to Census Bureau estimates released today.

Lieberman Unveils Plan to Aid Illegal Immigrants
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman launched a direct appeal for Hispanic votes Wednesday by promising to overhaul U.S. immigration laws.

Hollywood Celebrities Lobby Against Peruvian Energy Project
Hollywood celebrities are rallying for the rainforest, urging U.S., Peruvian and financial leaders to block funding for a gas project they say will harm Amazonian woodland and native communities.

Bush Offers Sunny U.S. Economic Forecast
U.S. President George W. Bush, moving to protect a potential political Achilles' heel, said Thursday he saw "signs of promise" in the U.S. economy and called on lawmakers to curb spending.

Silicon Insider: Government Reins in Business
If there is one thing that you can safely predict about government institutions, it is that they will step in to protect us only after the damage is done - and just in time to screw up the good times ahead.

Three Spanish-Language Newspapers Debut
Three new or expanded Spanish-language newspapers debuted Tuesday, with publishers and advertisers taking notice.

Minority Women Making Inroads in Private Sector, Federal Study Indicates
Women of color have seen their ranks in the private-sector workplace swell over the last decade, a recently released federal study shows.

Nash Finch Hispanic Supermarket Chain Enters Chicago Market
Nash Finch, a national food retailer and distributor based in Minnesota, today announced the grand opening of the first Chicago store in its AVANZA Supermarket chain.

Telecom Uses Celebs to Dial Up Hispanic Market
More than a million Latinos are about to get a surprise phone call from their president or from music superstars as part of an unusual campaign by a telecom firm seeking to boost its share of the lucrative U.S. Hispanic market.

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

Agency With a Small Focus
In its 50 years of existence, the SBA has helped 20 million businesses, but has it fulfilled its mandate?

Affirmative Action on Trial
The Supreme Court's Michigan decisions both confirm and alter diversity programs in higher education.

Event Announcement: Alegria 2003 Convention

Hundreds of the nation's most influential Hispanics will meet at the Hispanic National Bar Association's
annual convention in San Jose, California, September 3-6, 2003. The Alegria 2003 convention
will provide a unique opportunity to network with private and corporate attorneys, state and
federal government officials, political and community leaders from across the nation who will
take part in debates and discussion forums concerning issues that effect the Hispanic community.

For more information visit www.alegria2003.com or call 1-866-264-4907. www.alegria2003.com

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