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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Volume 4, Issue 33

Last Call for EOY 2003 Nominations

The candidate applications deadline for the 13th Annual Hispanic Business EOY ®
(Entrepreneur of the Year) Awards has been extended to 8/22/03.

For more than a decade, the EOY awards have honored select business owners who epitomize the drive, innovation,
courage, and civic responsibility of America's most successful Hispanic entrepreneurs. You could be the next
entrepreneur honoree in the categories of Heavy Industry Entrepreneur, Trade Industry Entrepreneur, Infobusiness
Entrepreneur, Latina Entrepreneur, and Rising Star Entrepreneur - or the overall EOY Award recipient!

To nominate yourself or another individual, simply complete the application online at www.hbevents.com/go/eoy/nom4
or contact J. Tabin Cosio by phone at 805.964.4554, ext. 112, or by e-mail at research@hbinc.com. Deadline is 8/22/03.

In the news this week...

Hispanic Purchasing Power Reaches $600 Billion
U.S. Hispanic buying power up 11 percent over last year according to Hispantelligence research.

Trinidad, Colo., Hispanic Chamber Going Strong After 15 Years
Providing scholarships for underprivileged students, maintaining Miners Memorial Park and supporting Hispanic businesses and community activities are all in a week's work for the Trinidad-Las Animas County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Smithsonian Offers Special Programs to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
The Smithsonian is the place to be to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15 - Oct. 15. There will be more than two dozen special programs, including performances, films, lectures, exhibits, and Web programs. Admission is free unless otherwise noted.

Hispanic 'Race' Categories Odd
It was a bizarre experience when a Census Bureau worker showed up at my doorstep recently -- one that illustrated perfectly the difficulty many experience in trying to comprehend Hispanic people.

The Digital Divide That Wasn't
There's still a gap, but research shows that it's narrowing -- and that no problem serious enough to earn the scary label digital divide really exists, even as the Web has found its way to the furthest reaches of the globe.

California Democrats Shifting to Bustamante
With polls showing Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante gaining support and embattled Gov. Gray Davis still losing ground, skittish Democrats are rushing to support Bustamante in California's historic recall election.

Fear Creeps Into U.S. Economy Recovery
In the shadows, higher oil prices, the still-large portions of industry lying idle, unemployment and rising market interest rates are leading some analysts to squeeze the champagne cork back into the bottle.

PR Agency Kicks Off Sports Marketing Group
RL Public Relations & Marketing today announced the launch of a Hispanic-focused sports-marketing group.

Limited Hiring of Hispanics Is Called Into Question

New census data show that Hispanics are the fastest-growing population group in the nation. When it comes to federal employment, however, they remain underrepresented, according to a recent government report.

Minority Buying Power Surging Faster Than That of Whites, Study Says
The buying power of minorities is growing at a faster rate than that of white Americans. The increase is due to a surge in population, rising levels of education and heightened entrepreneurial activity, a study released Thursday by the University of Georgia found.

Financial Seminar in LA to Kick Off DaimlerChrysler - TELACU Partnership
Nationally recognized financial planner and author Louis Barajas explains how to eliminate cultural barriers that prevent some Hispanics from recognizing their financial strengths.

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

Looking Better by the Day
With the economy slow and the franchising industry reaching out to Hispanics, now may be the time to become your own boss.

A Merger Mired In Controversy
The proposed joining of HBC and Univision has become a lightning rod for criticism

Event Announcement: Alegria 2003 Convention

Hundreds of the nation's most influential Hispanics will meet at the Hispanic National Bar Association's
annual convention in San Jose, California, September 3-6, 2003. The Alegria 2003 convention
will provide a unique opportunity to network with private and corporate attorneys, state and
federal government officials, political and community leaders from across the nation who will
take part in debates and discussion forums concerning issues that effect the Hispanic community.

For more information visit www.alegria2003.com or call 1-866-264-4907. www.alegria2003.com

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