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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Volume 4, Issue 31

In the news this week...

Minority Business Program Succeeding
A Minnesota minority business development program, credited with helping start a dozen black-owned businesses in the St. Paul area around University, Dale and Selby avenues, is showing higher business success rates than the national average.

Minority Businesses Get Help in Finding Venture Capital
Emerging Venture Network (EVN) has joined with the Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency to make an "open call" to invite minority businesses to participate in the next MECA program.

Arnold in 'Total Recall 2'?
Schwarzenegger is reportedly undecided on the race due to the privacy concerns of his wife, Maria Kennedy Shriver. His office has issued a statement that he will announce his intentions regarding the 2003 gubernatorial run Wednesday, while appearing on NBC's "The Tonight Show."

GOP Stances Upset Hispanics
With the U.S. government in the hands of Republican Party officials these days, somebody needs to give the GOP a clue on how to quit offending Hispanic people.

Tips on Paying for College
As the price tag for a college education continues to grow higher and higher, parents and students are becoming more and more focused on how to finance it.

UCSB to Establish Nation's First Chicano Studies PH.D. Program
The University of California has approved a proposal by UC Santa Barbara to establish the nation's first doctoral program in Chicano studies.

Media See Growing Market in Spanish
If media executives had any doubts about their next big avenue for growth, the latest Census data helped point the way.

Hispanics Receiving More Positive Representation in Media
In all forms of mainstream media aimed at people under the age of 24, Latinos play a far bigger and better role than in previous generations, when Hispanics were often stereotyped as outsiders and thugs.

ValCom to Launch Interactive Hispanic Game Show
ValCom, Inc. announced today that the company has entered into an agreement with KUNA-TV, the Telemundo affiliate in Palm Springs, Calif., to produce Latino Bingo, an interactive live Hispanic game show with a bingo format that allows only the home audience to win the announced prizes.

Hispanics' Political Attitudes Not Monolithic
A survey reveals the challenges parties face in trying to gain Hispanic support.

Senate Republicans Lose Seventh Filibuster Vote
Senate Republicans lost a seventh filibuster vote last Wednesday in their fight to make Miguel Estrada the first Hispanic on the federal appeals court in the nation's capital.

Latinos Are Fastest Growing Internet Users
Latinos are getting on the Internet faster than other groups in the United States, but the disparity between the number of men versus women online is much greater than for other groups, according to a study released on Thursday.

ESOMAR Study Finds Group Viewing Grows Among Minorities
Where are tomorrow's audiences headed? A new study says the best way to figure that out is by looking at where diverse audiences are in the media space right now.

Salinas Named CEO of Azteca America
Azteca America, one of the country's fastest-growing Hispanic television networks, has tapped Elisa Salinas as chief executive officer of the company's Los Angeles affiliate and anchor station, KAZA-TV.

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Hispanic Business magazine

Creating A Stir In Oklahoma
Rudy Alvarado looks to put his expertise to good use in a state not synonymous with the high-tech sector.

A Year of Change at the USHCC
Since its 2002 convention, the national Hispanic chamber has revamped itself in preparation for this year's convention in Phoenix.

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