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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Volume 4, Issue 28

In the news this week...

EVENT: The Best Companies for Women of Color National Conference
Working Mother Media would like to alert you to our upcoming Best Companies for Women of Color National Conference. This will be the premiere event focusing on critical issues surrounding women of color and corporate America. Hispanic Business readers receive special rates!

The Future of Race Quotas
Is the Supreme Court's decision endorsing race and ethnicity as valid factors in choosing law students at the University of Michigan just a fading echo from the past?

Minority Group at Raytheon Struggles for a Name
Creating an alliance was one thing; figuring out what to call it was an entirely different task. After all, just because the government label is "non-white Hispanic" doesn't mean that everyone identifies with that.

Black Hispanics in U.S. Worse Off Than Other Latinos, Study Says
Black Hispanics living in the United States have more in common with African-Americans than their fellow Latinos when it comes to lower wages and higher rates of unemployment, a new study said Tuesday.

Greenspan says Fed Ready to Cut Rates Again if Needed
Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan vowed Tuesday to cut 45-year low interest rates "substantially" if needed to vanquish deflation and unleash speedier economic growth.

Ventura College President Selected as Latino Town Hall Education Honoree
The Education Award is given each year to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to the academic success of Santa Paula residents, and has made a substantial difference or improvement in the educational goals of the community.

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Eduardo Caballero Inducted Into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame 2003
Eduardo Caballero, CEO of Caballero TV & Cable Sales, Inc., has been inducted by Broadcasting & Cable magazine into its Hall of Fame, which honors the pioneers, the innovators and the stars of the electronic arts.

Advertising Veterans Form Hispanic-Oriented Agency
Miami advertising veterans Manuel E. Machado and Al García-Serra have teamed up to create a new Coral Gables agency specializing in the Hispanic market.

Price of Protectionism is Worth it to Some Americans
Cheryl Spaulding, I'm pretty certain, speaks for a large and growing number of Americans. With technology firms still apparently shedding jobs, Spaulding is deeply concerned about what looks to her like a permanent loss of high-paying, white-collar jobs to overseas firms.

Race Divides Hispanics, Report Says
White and black Hispanics -- as well as Hispanics who say that they are "some other race" -- work different jobs, earn different levels of pay and reside in segregated neighborhoods based on the shade of their skin.

Krispy Kreme Suit: It's an Ugly Variety
This fall it will be up to a jury to chew over the hard and bitter allegations of coerced backroom sex, groping, harassment, retaliation and pay disparities based on race.

Argentine Caterer Looks for Niche in Houston
For 16 years, Mariquita Combes owned a catering business in Argentina. But in 2001, the bottom dropped out of the Argentine economy, and she lost most of her business. Leaving her husband and two of her children behind, Combes moved to Houston, where she will soon open a catering business: La Villette.

More Hispanics in Houston Deciding to Open Small Businesses
Houston's Hispanic small-business community seems to be experiencing something of a harmonic convergence.

Spain's Aznar Wraps up U.S. Trip, Praises Bush
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar wrapped up his trip to the United States Sunday by paying tribute to President George W. Bush's leadership in the war on terror and emphasizing Spain's close ties with the U.S. Hispanic community

Cuban Music Legend Compay Segundo, of "Buena Vista" fame, Dies in Havana
Music lovers across Cuba and around the world mourned the death of musician Compay Segundo, one of the stars of the hit documentary "Buena Vista Social Club," who died in Havana early Monday (07/14/2003) at the age of 95.

Mario Rodriguez Named Regional Chairman 0f Bush-Cheney '04
Bush-Cheney '04 today announced Mario Rodriguez will be the campaign chairman for the Pacific region states including Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and California.

SBA and NAHP Create Partnership to Assist Hispanic Publishers and Small Businesses
Under this new partnership, the SBA and the NAHP will collaborate to increase awareness about SBA programs and services such as access to capital, technical assistance and federal procurement opportunities.

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

Renewable Power in a Box
One dynamic CEO runs two companies with the same goal: energy efficiency.

Remaking the Inner City
American CityVista finds a profitable niche building residential communities at urban infill sites.

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