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Thursday, May 31, 2001

Volume 2 Issue 22

Trivia question this week:

According to “The Digital World of the U.S. Hispanic II,” which Web site has increased its lead as the primary portal among English-speaking U.S. Hispanics?

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In the news this week…

Immigrants Offset Population Declines in U.S. Cities
The increased arrival of immigrants, many of them Latin Americans, to New York and other U.S. cities has halted the decline of metropolitan populations and spurred revitalization of many neighborhoods, The New York Times said this week.

Sanchez to Direct White House Initiative
U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige recently announced that he has selected Leslie Sanchez to serve as the executive director of the White House Initiative on Hispanic Education. As executive director, Sanchez will work with the members of the Commission to advise the leadership of the department on the educational progress of Hispanic Americans and to propose means for improving educational opportunities and achievement for Hispanic students.

Royal Spanish Academy: No 'Spanglish' Language
It's not a language, not a dialect, not a kind of slang. Then what do you call Spanglish, the linguistic cocktail that many Hispanics use for expressing the everyday reality in which they live? It's "something invented in the laboratory." That, at least, is the opinion of the head of Spain's Royal Academy of Language.

Advertisers Yet to Really Tap Hispanic Ranks
Businesses don't often leave a dollar lying on the table. Not if that greenback can just as easily be pocketed or rung up as revenue. For a complex stew of reasons, though, advertisers are leaving the dollars of many Hispanic consumers to gather dust, according to a group of media professionals.

Hispanic in the White House? Yes, Predicts Actor Edward James Olmos
Actor and UNICEF Ambassador Edward James Olmos says that "within a few years," a Latino will reach the White House as president of the United States.

ZonaFinanciera.com, Morningstar Sign Financial Content Agreement
ZonaFinanciera.com, a personal finance marketplace for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking consumers and financial institutions, recently announced an alliance with Morningstar Inc., which will allow ZonaFinanciera.com to distribute Morningstar.com stock and mutual fund content in 21 countries, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Book Report: ‘What Ethnic Americans Really Think’
The complex nature of the American society is detailed in "What Ethnic Americans Really Think: The Zogby Culture Polls," written by pollster James J. Zogby. To identify attitudes among America's diverse ethnic makeup, Zogby International embarked on a massive project to analyze six distinct and diverse ethnic communities.

Hispanic Ad Agency Expects 2001 Earnings to Exceed $100 Million
Zubi Advertising, a U.S. Hispanic advertising agency, projects its annual billings to surpass $100 million for fiscal year 2001 as the close of the second quarter nears.

America's Immigrants Are New Pioneers
The typical American family -- you know, Mom and Dad, a couple of kids -- now speaks with an accent, according to the latest Census data. The effects of this and other demographic changes will fuel the socioeconomic and sociopolitical debate of the early 21st century.

NMBC Sponsors E-Commerce Seminar
Next month, the National Minority Business Council will sponsor "Growing Your Business in an E-Business World," a one-day seminar designed for business owners who are new to e-commerce. At the event, a panel will review the fundamentals of how an e-business gets started, grows, and matures.

Attention HR Recruiters!

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Articles from HISPANIC BUSINESS magazine:
Hispanic Business magazine

A List of Tech Must-haves for the Competitive Business Owner
May 2001 - For owners of small to medium-size businesses, keeping pace with the latest and greatest technology can be a lot like chasing after Marion Jones while wearing clogs. It’s a frustrating, seemingly futile endeavor at times. But unlike a mythical race with an Olympic medal-winner, many high-tech tools rapidly are becoming a necessity for any company looking to conduct business in the 21st century.

Hispanic Outreach the Order of the Day
April 2001 - Across the political aisle, both Democrats and Republicans have been conducting outreach initiatives aimed at minority voters, including portraying the estate tax as unfair to minority business owners.

Hispanic Computer Market Remains Wide Open
March 2001 - More Hispanics are using home computers, though fewer are purchasing goods and services online, according to a recent study. Researchers say the findings indicate the Hispanic market is ripe with opportunity for computer manufacturers and related service providers.

Event Announcement

Event Announcement

Multiply Your Profits From The Hispanic Market Boom Through Sophisticated Customer Relationship Strategies
Cutting-edge U.S. Hispanic Marketing & Customer Relationship Strategies conference in L.A. on July 19-20, 2001. Blockbuster clients on speaker roster include American Honda, Great Circle Family Foods (Krispy Kreme), Bank One, Capital One, Allstate, Target Stores, Macy’s West, Royal Caribbean International, Procter & Gamble, Gateway, you name it. Insightful application of Census 2000 data by Carlos Santiago and Featured workshop by veteran Isabel M. Valdes. Conference agenda includes several top-of-the line experts on CRM, E-Marketing, Datamining... Hispanic Business to make a presentation on Reaching Hispanic Businesses and entrepreneurs, a booming segment within the Hispanic market. Reserve your spot today for it's a sure sell out. Contact rranganathan@srinstitute.com or visit our Web site at http://www.srinstitute.com/cm353. Call 1-888-666-8514.

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