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Hilda Solis
When Hilda Solis was a senior in high school, just a few weeks away from graduation, she wasn't thinking about college. But one day, fate intervened. The story of how she found her way reveals how razor-thin the line between ordinary and extraordinary can be. Especially for the Hispanic population, which still posts the highest high school drop-out rates of any ethnic or racial group in the country.

Chicago U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez made good on his pledge to get arrested at today's immigration rally outside the White House.

The Arizona Senate seat occupied by John McCain has been a fixture of the Republican Party for more than 40 years, with both holders -- McCain and Barry Goldwater before him -- winning the GOP nomination for President. Can a Democrat move that mountain? In a normal election year, no. But this isn't your typical election year. Read this HispanicBusiness.com analysis.

Arizona's controversial immigration law has mobilized Hispanic advocacy groups, but the state's Hispanic politicians are lining up behind the Jewish Democratic challenger to Sen. John McCain over the Hispanic candidate.

On the heels of a controversial illegal immigration bill in Arizona, a Pew Hispanic Center report released this week sheds some new light on the effectiveness of immigration efforts, as well as the Hispanic experience in America.

Ronstadt said this week at a news conference that "Mexican-Americans are not going to take this lying down." The Tucson native will be "lending her voice" to a lawsuit being filed by Latino groups, challenging the bill which will allow authorities to question anyone they even suspect of being in the United States illegally.

California political leaders joined a chorus in calling for boycotting Arizona over an immigration law. Calling the law a "disgrace", the leader of the California Senate, Darrell Steinberg, said the state should consider a boycott.

HispanTelligence Research
For more than two decades, the annual Hispanic Business 500 directory has served as a barometer of the U.S. Hispanic economy. A purchase of the 2009 directory provides the top 500 Hispanic-owned companies list in Excel format including: CEO names; company addresses and telephone numbers; e-mail addresses for 310 companies and Web addresses for 456 companies; and company revenue and employees numbers for 2008 and 2007.

Hispanics are now the largest ethnic minority in the United States and during the past decade, U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has rapidly increased. This report takes an in depth look at how today's Hispanic Economy is transitioning into an economic power in the U.S. Click here for the executive summary and table of contents!

The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States is expected to grow 41.8 percent in the next six years to 4.3 million, with total revenues surging 39 percent to more than $539 billion, according to new estimates by HispanTelligence. Spurred by growing entrepreneurial trends and affluence among the nation's largest minority population, the increase is expected to come at a robust rate of 8.5 and 8.7 percent, respectfully, over the next couple years.

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