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Thursday, August 2, 2001

Volume 2 Issue 31

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In the news this week...

Latino Internet Population Is Growing in U.S., But Web Sites Area Struggling
A new study shows that the Latino Internet population is growing twice as fast as the white Internet population on a percentage basis. But at the same time, many large-scale Latino-oriented Web sites are struggling to survive.

U.S., Mexico Vow Truck Safety Measures Will Not Sidetrack NAFTA
The U.S. and Mexican governments are determined that the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will not be sidetracked by efforts by the U.S. Congress to ensure that safety standards are met for trucks transporting goods from Mexico into the United States.

Affluence Among Young Urban Hispanics on the Rise
A new research report from The Media Audit shows 14.3 percent of urban Hispanic adults, 18 to 34, have annual household incomes of $50,000 or more. The comparable percent for Caucasians is 12.7; African-Americans, 12.3; and, the general population, 13.6.

Big Four Target Diversity
Diversity chieftains from the “Big Four” broadcast networks were in Washington, D.C., to update congressional minority caucuses on efforts to include more ethnic groups among their characters.

Index Ranks States by Entrepreneurship Policies
The Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC) recently released "Small Business Survival Index 2001," its sixth annual ranking of the states according to their policy climates for entrepreneurship and small businesses.

Study: Emphasis on Employee Performance, Incentives Rising Among Fortune 1000
Employee knowledge and skills are valued by corporate management today, not loyalty and seniority, finds a fourteen-year study of Fortune 1000 companies conducted by the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business.

DOD Selects Hispanic-Serving Institutions for Grants
Today 22 Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) were selected to receive 25 grants totaling $4.7 million from the Department of Defense.

Latino Professionals Suffer Discrimination in State Department
Hispanic professionals in the U.S. State Department and other federal agencies dealing with foreign policy suffer from discrimination on the job, according to a report released Thursday by the Tomas Rivera Institute.

For New Leader of SBA, Dreams Took Root in Family's Restaurant
Hector V. Barreto Jr.'s first look at how a small business operates came amid the clattering dishes and busy chatter of a Mexican restaurant that his parents owned in Independence, Missouri, 30 years ago.

Terra.com Editor nominated for Hispanic Media Award
Terra, the largest global Internet network, announced the nomination of its senior editor & producer, Magdalena Spinelli, to the Hispanic Media 100 Awards.

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Articles from HISPANIC BUSINESS magazine:
Hispanic Business magazine

Voice of Experience
Federico Peña brings a lot to the table as the featured speaker at this year’s HISPANIC BUSINESS Entrepreneur of the Year Award gala.

Symbolism with a Bottom Line
For years, Georgia’s economy relied on Hispanic entrepreneurs, but "only wanted to see Hispanics' hands, not their faces," according to Teodoro Maus, chairman of the board of directors for Atlanta's Mexican American Business Chamber.

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