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Thursday, August 23, 2001

Volume 2 Issue 34

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In the news this week...

Hispanic Groups Ready White House Press
Angry representatives of leading Hispanic lobby groups are set to meet with White House officials this week to express "concern" that President W. Bush might be backing away from plans to grant legal status to some undocumented immigrants.

Traditional Advertisers Target U.S. Hispanics Online
LatinWebMonitor, a company that monitors online ad activity in Latin America and U.S. Hispanic markets, found in its latest report that traditional advertisers marketing consumer brands and services are dominating the major Hispanic sites and portals throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Hispanics Poised to Shop Online for Cars
While only thirty-seven percent of Hispanic Internet users in the United States have attempted to use online resources for car shopping, nearly three-quarters say they plan to use the web to purchase or research their next vehicle, according to a recent poll.

Barreto Begins National PR Campaign
In a bid to improve the profile of the Small Business Administration, Hector Barreto, who heads the agency, has launched nationwide publicity campaign aimed at increasing the SBA's visibility among minority entrepreneurs.

SBA Names Barrera to Ombudsman Post
Michael L. Barrera has been named ombudsman of the U.S. Small Business Administration's Regulatory Enforcement Program. Barrera has resigned as chairman of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City and will move to Washington.

NBC Eyeing Telemundo
NBC, a unit of General Electric, may make an offer for Spanish-language television network Telemundo, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Hispanic Newspapers See Gains in Circulation, Ad Sales
Chicago-area Hispanic papers, such as El Conquistador, LaRaza, and Reflejos, all report not just an increase in circulation, but an impressive rise in advertising revenues, in some places as much as 47 percent.

Two Bankers Ready to Work on California-Mexico Deals
Two Southern California investment bankers are positioning themselves to take advantage of two possible legal developments, one in the United States and one in Mexico, that would expand the emerging Mexican public financial market.

EEOC Files Discrimination Suit Against Qwest Communications
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed suit against Qwest Communications International on Wednesday, alleging discrimination on behalf of several of the firm's Hispanic employees.

Los Angeles Brushes Up on Español for Street Names
Studio City, a community near Los Angeles, has agreed to add the "swung dash" -- a symbol sometimes called “enyay” -- to Spanish names requiring the linguistic marker on 115 street signs.

UPCOMING EVENT: The MIL Forum Presents "Building Financial Empowerment in the Multicultural Society"
The Multicultural Institute for Leadership (MIL) presents a special event which will bring together leaders of education, government, business, and community-based organizations.

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