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Friday, September 14, 2001

Volume 2 Issue 37

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In the news this week...

The staff of Hispanic Business Inc. expresses its condolences to the families and friends of the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Market Experts Fear Terror Will Add to Economic Instability
The heads of Spanish and Latin American stock exchanges left no doubt Wednesday that the unprecedented terror assault against the United States can only aggravate an already critical worldwide economic slump.

International Markets Tumble
October Brent crude topped $30 a barrel in London after terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and U.S. government buildings in Washington.

Insurance Losses to be Biggest Ever
The collapse of the World Trade Center will probably result in the biggest loss for insurers of any man-made or natural disaster, with claims reaching as high as $30 billion, analysts say.

U.S. Daily El Diario-La Prensa Operates on Emergency Basis
New York's oldest Hispanic newspaper, El Diario-La Prensa, has been forced to operate from several parts of New York and New Jersey after the forced closure of its headquarters, which was in a part of Manhattan cordoned off by authorities for security reasons.

Mexican Telecom Offers Free Long-Distance Calls to the U.S.
Mexico's long-distance telephone company Avantel offered free service on Wednesday so Mexicans could call their relatives in the United States and make inquiries regarding the attacks in New York and Washington.

Fox Returns to Mexico with No Agreements, Many Promises
Mexican President Vicente Fox, confident he brought the delicate matter of immigration to the forefront of U.S.-Mexican relations, returned home Friday with promises for future agreements.

Fox Visit Underscores U.S. Politicians' New Love Affair with Spanish Language
From the moment Mexican President Vicente Fox arrived at the White House last week, the question was when, not if, President Bush would drop his drawl and adopt his guest's native language.

Cisneros to Remain a Spectator in "Impressive" Political Drama
Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros says he is impressed with how Latinos are playing a major role in the political maneuvering to replace outgoing Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, a long-time political force in Washington.

Latino Alliance in Texas Demands Immigration Reform
Some 30 organizations in Texas, joined by Latino leaders and officials, have formed an alliance to push for comprehensive reform of U.S. immigration laws.

SBSC Says Immigration Vital for Small-Business Growth
One of the nation's leading advocates for small businesses, the Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC), is calling on Congress and President Bush to act now to loosen immigration policies and increase the number of immigrant workers available to small employers.

Hispanic Business Magazine

Articles from HISPANIC BUSINESS magazine:
Hispanic Business magazine

Franchising: The Waiting Game
By the time the owners of Rubio’s Baja Grill decided to franchise their restaurant, they already owned 135 stores and had been in business for 18 years.

The Boomitos’ Next Challenge
How should Hispanic baby boomers, many of whom have enjoyed significant professional success, spend their golden years? According to writer Gary Soto, they should provide a cultural legacy via philanthropy. "In the end we are not known for our material life but by the content of our character," he writes, urging older Hispanics to give of themselves.

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