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Thursday, March 7, 2002

Volume 3, Issue 10

Hispanic Business Magazine

In the news this week...

Bush Speaks to Hispanics About Immigration, Trade
President Bush on Wednesday discussed the importance of trade relations with Mexico and Latin America and stressed the need for congress to approve Section 245(i) of the U.S. Immigration Law.

Cardoza Defeats Condit in California Primary
Voters from California's Central Valley ousted Democrat Rep. Gary Condit in this week's primary, selecting state lawmaker Dennis Cardoza to run for his seat in November.

Border Residents Get Help to Launch Businesses
A new banking program is expected to encourage the establishment of new businesses in poor communities along the Texas-Mexican border, one of the most squalid regions in the United States.

First Hispanic Named to General Motors Board
Cuban-born real estate developer Armando Codina has been named to the board of directors of auto giant General Motors, becoming the first Hispanic to sit on that body, the company announced Tuesday.

Linda Sanchez Wins Primary Battle
In the Democratic primary race for California's 39th Congressional District, Linda Sanchez beat five rivals to advance to the general election.

Mazda Eyes Minority Dollars
Mazda increased its focus on minority markets Thursday by hiring ad agencies that target Hispanics and blacks.

Florida to Cut $2 Million in Minority Law Programs
Florida's race-based scholarships to help minorities attend law school will probably be scrapped now that the state is setting up new law schools in Orlando and Miami.

Telefutura Makes 180-Degree Turn
Faced with declining ratings, Telefutura -- the recently launched U.S. Spanish-language television network -- has decided to restructure its entire program lineup.

AIDS Project LA to Participate in Congressional Hispanic Caucus Briefing
Daniel C. Montoya, AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) Director of Government Affairs, will participate in a Congressional Hispanic Caucus briefing on the impact of AIDS in the Latino community.

Coca-Cola Targets Hispanics with the Return of Fanta
Fanta --- chiefly sold as an orange-flavored soda --- has had great success with Hispanic consumers outside of the United States. Now Coke thinks the brand can be a hit with the burgeoning Hispanic population in America.

NAHREP Launches Professional Designation Program
The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals will celebrate the creation of the official NAHREP Certified Professional (NCP) designation program at its upcoming Education Forum & Gala.

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Editor selections from the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

High Tech’s Unwavering Champion
Despite recent setbacks, Amerindo’s Alberto Vilar says the world is on the verge of another technology revolution.

An Era of Downsized Expectations
While generally upbeat about investment prospects, Hispanic money managers nonetheless caution against the “irrational exuberance” of years past.

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