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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Volume 3, Issue 31

Hispanic Business Magazine

In the news this week...

Wells Fargo Launches Servicios En Espanol
Wells Fargo today announced the launch of Servicios En Espanol, a Spanish online resource center specifically designed to help Spanish speaking consumers and small business owners access valuable financial services information.

Hispanic Business Expo Opens Today in L.A.
When the doors swing open at the Los Angeles Convention Center today, the first of more than 6,000 visitors are expected to walk in and experience one of the largest Latino business-to-business events in the nation.

In Hard Times, More Buying Into Idea of Franchises
The economy looks bleak; the job market has stalled. For many, the time seems right to dream about becoming their own bosses, and a franchise is often the first thing that comes to mind because it tends to be a proven business.

Boot Camp Prepares Minority Business Owners
Of the estimated $95 billion in the private-equity market in 1999, $2 billion was managed by companies seeking to invest in minority-owned firms. However, getting a piece of the venture capital pie is often more about whom you know than what you know, and many minority businesses simply aren't in the venture capital network yet.

Latino Leaders Inspire Through Challenges Won
"...During the conference we heard from senators and representatives; administrators and honorables; Anglos and Latinos. Most interlaced their political agendas with Latino sensitivities. Some spoke better Spanish than others. And a few shared their feelings in a manner that I have rarely glimpsed in a political forum...

Media Outlets Grab for Hispanic Market
Local and national media outlets - from television to radio to the Internet - are switching formats, forging alliances, and snapping up Spanish-language companies in an effort to snare a bigger share of the fast-growing Hispanic market.

NYPA Hosts Purchasing Expo for Minority and Women-Owned Vendors
The supplier diversity exchange will enable those who qualify as M/WBEs to explore procurement opportunities with purchasing representatives from NYPA, other utilities, public agencies and private corporations.

7-Eleven, Inc. Hosts Seminars for Prospective Minority Franchisees
7-Eleven, Inc. is teaming up with the Charo Community Development Corporation and other national community and business organizations to deliver business seminars designed to recruit more African American, Asian and Latino franchisees.

Best And Worst States To Run A Small Business
Want to know the best place in America to lay down a bet on the future success of your business? Appropriately enough, the hands-down winner is Nevada, a state better known for another kind of gambling.

Bush Celebrates Hispanic Heritage
In a ceremony that officially marked the end of National Hispanic Heritage Month, President Bush praised the contributions of Hispanic leadership and community contribution, while chastising the Senate for their opposition of Hispanic nominee Miguel Estrada.

Paving the Way for International Contract Negotiation
Kenyon International, L.L.C., a minority- and female-owned business, shares some of their experience in contract negotiation in Latin America. Covering tips to caveats, Kenyon reveals a brief roadmap of how to successfully negotiate abroad.

Banks Warm to Hispanic Consumers, But Businesses See Snub
Now that Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority, with a purchasing power that has grown to $500 billion a year, banks are gladly reaching out to Latino consumers. But why are successful loan negotiations still so evasive?

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

The Online Lawyer
Web sites offering legal services have their virtues. But as with just about everything else on the Internet, experts urge caution.

Banks: Big vs. Small -- Where Should Entrepreneurs Look When Shopping For A Lending Partner?
The choice is not an easy pick. Once clearly separated by their capabilities and functions, large and small banks are narrowing the gap, according to experts.

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