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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Volume 3, Issue 32

In the news this week...

Special Event: LTC 2002
Need a new laptop? All conference registrations received by Friday, October 25, 2002 will be entered into a drawing to win a Laptop. Other prizes include a ticket from Southwest Airlines and Palm Pilot. Winners will be announced at the Taste of Technology Reception.

Minority Women Go it Alone in Starting Their Own Businesses
It's lonely at the top -- especially for minority female business owners, says a major study out today. The study of 807 women paints one of the most detailed portraits yet of the USA's 1.2 million minority female entrepreneurs. The number of such companies is growing four times faster than all U.S. businesses, making them a major source of future economic growth.

McCain Bill Diversifies Ownership In Telecommunications Industry
In order to broaden ownership opportunities in the telecommunications industry for all Americans, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Ranking Republican of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, today introduced the Telecommunications Ownership Diversification Act of 2002, S. 3112.

Mexico's Renaissance Wave
Following social and economic upheavals of the early 20th century, Yucatan's palatial haciendas were invaded, plundered and finally left to languish under a tropical sun. These days, they are staging a spectacular comeback.

Minority Business People Sorely Needed
While there have been many advances by African-Americans and Latinos in the professions in recent years, one of the weakest showings has been in financial services, especially in strategic investments.

Getting the Most of a Trade Show
A trade show can be a wonderful resource for a small business, bringing new contacts, customers and ideas. It can also be a waste of time and money, leaving attendees with some T-shirts and business cards and a feeling of failure.

"Most Hated Hispanic" Wants to Tell Her Story
To say that Linda Chavez is a lightning rod for controversy would be grossly understating the obvious. Her views against affirmative action and bilingual education have earned her verbal and physical attacks by Latino/Chicano protesters, some who smashed coconuts near her on the stage to symbolize brown on the outside and white on the inside. Taking a break from her rigorous book-signing tour, Chavez spoke from Chicago about why she felt the time was right to tell her story.

Forbes' 20 Most Influential Business Books
America in the past two decades has enjoyed a long boom -- 20 years of prosperity punctuated by just one or two fairly mild recessions. With that boom, business achieved a new cultural popularity and business books have gained an unprecedented prominence and popularity. Here are our picks for the top 20.

Wall Street Summit Addresses Hispanic Corporate Presence
NY State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, SEC Commissioner Roel Campos, NASDAQ President Hardwick Simmons, NYSE Chairman Richard Grasso and former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros to address prominent Latino entrepreneurs and corporate finance execs.

National Broadcast to Educate Small Businesses on GSA Schedules
Slated for October 18 at 1:30 p.m. EDT, the satellite orientation sessions are expected to make it easier for small, disadvantaged, minority, 8(a), Hubzone, veteran and women-owned businesses to understand the bidding process and how to successfully obtain a GSA schedule contract.

Port to Change Minority Contracting Rules
The Tampa Port Authority will revamp its minority contracting policies after hearing complaints that minority companies aren't getting a fair share of the agency's business.

Research Shows Growth of Minority Entrepreneurs
About 26 out of 100 African-American men and 20 of every 100 Hispanic men with graduate education experience plan to start a business. That compares with 10 out of every 100 white men with the same educational experience.

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

Online Trading Primer
As competition in the industry heats up, options and opportunities for consumers have increased. Pitfalls remain, however.

Miami Upstart Goes National
Netrox makes the successful transition from regional ISP by keeping its ears open.

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