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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Volume 3, Issue 34

Hispanic Business Magazine

In the news this week...

Controversial Spanglish Has Become Mainstream
Not everyone is happy to see Spanglish creep into the mainstream. Critics see it as a danger to Latino culture and advancement. But Spanglish speakers, who often move nimbly between the two languages and cultures, say it is an expression of ethnic pride.

Study Finds Wide Issue Differences Between Hispanics and Non-Hispanics
AOLTW Foundation/PEOPLE En Espanol conduct one of the largest ever national surveys of Hispanic opinion.

Computer Manufacturers Missing Major Opportunities to Reach the Hispanic Market
The computer industry is currently spending less than one percent of their total national marketing and business resources to reach the Hispanic market. However, the number of Hispanics owning a PC has increased five percent and Internet access is up almost 20 percent. These statistics further validate the need for increased marketing spending in this area.

Banks Go After Hispanic Businesses
Financial institutions around the country have a message for the Hispanic community, and they want to make sure it doesn't get lost in translation. "We want your business."

Slumping Stock Market Can Help Cut Your Tax Bill
Year-end tax strategy may be especially profitable this year, since many investors have a chance to harvest stock-market losses that can reduce tax bills come April.

A Look at America's Richest Politicians
At number five on the list with a net worth of close to $500 million, Hispanic candidate Tony Sanchez (Dem.) has spent nearly $60 million campaigning for President Bush's old governor's post.


Latino Group Calls on U.S. Attorney to Expand Tenet Healthcare Probe
After a federal raid at a Tenet Healthcare hospital in California, a national non-profit organization - that aids and assists Hispanics - sent a letter requesting that U.S. Attorney John K. Vincent expand his investigation.

U.S. Domestic Agenda: War, Elections, Tax Cuts...But What About the Economy?
While the Republican party is taking a more active interest in courting minority groups to cull votes for midterm elections, blacks and Hispanics in the United States are extremely concerned that President Bush appears to have paid little attention to the domestic agenda.

Expo Comida Latina Announces First Sabor Award
EXPO Comida Latina announced today that The Mexican American Grocers Association would be the recipient for its first-ever "Sabor," award, designed to recognize a group or individual who has contributed to the betterment of the Hispanic food and beverage industry.

U.S. Manufacturing Activity Shrinks Again in October
U.S. manufacturers, hit by a dock strike and shaken by fears of war in Iraq, cut back activity in October for the second month in a row.

Ad Americas, LLC Becomes Castells & Asociados Advertising
The national Hispanic advertising agency Ad Americas, LLC has reintroduced itself as Castells & Asociados Advertising.

Worst Time to Increase Labor Costs
With unemployment at 5.6 percent, the stock market stalled and consumer spending showing signs of stagnating, there is a general unease. Yet some in Congress are considering a last-ditch effort to increase costs on small business by raising the minimum wage.

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

The Struggle for Sales Overseas
Despite an increase in total revenues, the Hispanic Business Top 50 Exporters report a difficult year.

Corner Office: Minority Enterprises Need to Know Score
If we demand accountability in the classroom and the workplace, shouldn’t the logic extend to the HR and purchasing offices of the national government?

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