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Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Volume 3, Issue 38

Hispanic Business Magazine

In the news this week...

Record Number of Candidates Using Spanish-Language Ads
Setting an election-year record, more than $16 million was spent in 2002 on Spanish-language political television advertising.

American Sports Vie for Hispanic Audiences
In an outreach effort to attract new audiences to supplement slipping attendance at professional sports events in the U.S., Latin Americans and the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic market are topping the list.

Private Contractors: Uncle Sam Wants You
President Bush wants to turn over thousands of Federal jobs to the private sector. But contractors who want in should brace for a tough bidding process.

Move Over Martha, Here Comes Thalia
The international superstar has signed up with Kmart to create a line of Thalia brand apparel and accessories. The move further advances Kmart's bid to be the mass merchant for the Latino population.

PacifiCare Names Hispanic Ad Agency
PacifiCare Health Systems Inc. has picked Anita Santiago Advertising Inc. of Santa Monica, Calif., to handle the managed care company's Hispanic/Latino advertising account.

Are Oil Stocks Good Investments?
Uncertainty over war with Iraq and fears of a tripling of the price of crude oil may have investors wondering whether oil company stocks are good investments now.


Immigration Reform Needs Priority
Republicans made modest gains among Hispanic voters in the November elections, but they won't do so in the future unless President Bush and Congress start moving on immigration reform.

HR Firm Launches Hispanic Marketing Initiative in California
The extreme demand for Core Solution's Spanish-language employee and employer resources represents a significant opportunity for the company to provide their services to the Hispanic market.

Business Worries About Cost of Homeland Security Regs
With homeland security one of the top concerns of federal agencies, America's businesses are increasingly concerned about forthcoming regulations that could prove complex and costly.

Top 10 Benefits of Brand Development
In a struggling economy and amid tighter marketing budgets, how do companies justify the investment in building a brand?

Minority-Owned Small Businesses Leverage Technology to Grow
More than half of minority-owned small businesses in Southern California are using the latest technology in their operations, but many are missing out on the benefits and efficiencies that technology can provide, according to a study released by Merrill Lynch and the Community Development Technologies Center (CDTech).

A Year After Enron, What's Changed?
It was just one year ago that Enron, a once high-flying Houston-based energy colossus, became a household word for massive corporate failure. Is Bush's corporate crackdown enough to restore confidence?

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

A Minority Role in the Homeland
Small minority-owned companies search for their place in a federal procurement sector ramping up for war.

The Struggle for Sales Overseas
Despite an increase in total revenues, the Hispanic Business Top 50 Exporters report a difficult year.

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