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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Volume 4, Issue 20

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In the news this week...

First Hispanic Private Equity Fund Opens For Business
Hispania Capital Partners is actively seeking to invest more than $70 million in well-established, mid-size companies.

Minority Business Certification Can Offer Access for Entrepreneurs
In order to access programs such as the One Florida Initiative -- a proactive program to match minority- and women-owned businesses with state contracts -- businesses must decide to register.

Boeing Executive Joins National Minority Supplier Development Council
Vernell Jackson, vice president of Supply Chain Services in Shared Services Group, a business unit of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), has been named to the board of directors of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

Terror, Taxes Threaten U.S. Workers Abroad
For some U.S. citizens working overseas, the threat of the tax man could be even scarier than the threat of terrorism, and could soon have thousands packing for home.

GlobalHue Announces Hispanic Initiatives Execs
GlobalHue has signed on two top Hispanic marketing experts -- José Nine, SVP/Director of Hispanic Initiatives, and Cristián Dobles, SVP/Executive Creative Director.

Unconventional Wisdom | A Success Story Fit to Print
Much has been written about Jayson Blair, the young, talented, African-American journalist who brought shame to the New York Times by fabricating facts and stealing the work of others. But I've seen hardly anything written about Macarena Hernandez, the young, talented, Latina journalist who first brought suspicion of Blair's plagiarism to light.

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Scandals May Help Corporate Boards Diversify by Adding Women, Minorities
The calls for boardroom accountability and independence triggered by the nation's corporate scandals may provide an unprecedented opportunity for companies to diversify their boardrooms.

Lopez Riding the Wave of Success
Six years ago, comedian George Lopez pulled in a grand from a one-nighter at a tiny Tucson bar. These days, he takes media interviews on a cell phone from his Porsche, parked outside a Los Angeles golf course where he has a tee time already penciled in.

Retail Goes Latino
With overall retail sales languishing, storeowners are hoping to give their business a boost by pursuing the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, Hispanics.

TV Azteca Network Holds First Upfront
Azteca America, wholly owned broadcasting network of TV Azteca, held its first upfront presentation to the advertising community in New York

Seven-Month Strike Ends at Azteca Foods
Workers at Azteca Foods have ended a seven-month strike that pitted Mexican immigrants against one of Chicago's most prominent Hispanic businessmen.

Johnson Controls Tops $1 Billion in Purchases from Diverse Suppliers
Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) has achieved its previously announced goal to spend $1 billion a year with diverse suppliers a year sooner than it expected.

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

The Military/Economy Connection
As 2003 began, forecasters predicted a slowdown during the Iraq conflict followed by a surge in its aftermath. But as we approach the year's halfway point, the assumptions underlying this economic strategy look questionable.

Need Grows, Dollars Shrink
On the income side, it's a lackluster economy and government cutbacks. On the expense side, demand is rising for social services. Hispanic organizations feel the pinch.

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