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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Volume 4, Issue 25

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In the news this week...

Hispanic Boom Yet to Arrive
Hispanics may be America's largest minority group, yet, in American popular culture, the often-predicted Latino earthquake hasn't quite gone through the formality of taking place.

Survey Finds U.S. Middle-market Companies Bullish Regarding Growth
Middle-market companies are positioning for a better economy, according to findings from the Grant Thornton Survey of Middle-Market Business Leaders.

Deflation and How You Could Deal With It
When the Federal Reserve announces its latest decision on interest rates this week, most professional investors and economists will be startled if the benchmark, short-term rate isn't cut to 1 percent or 0.75 percent from the current 1.25 percent.

Hispanic-owned Agency Celebrates Spurs Win
Creative Civilization - An Aguilar/Girard Agency, the San Antonio Spurs' agency of record, developed all broadcast and print materials for the 2003 season and Spurs Championship.

The Business Reader Review: June 2003
Here's what's new and notable on the business bookshelf for June '03:

Barragan Receives SBA Award
The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) recently named VEDC pesident Roberto Barragan the Los Angeles District's Financial Services Advocate of the Year. The award was announced at the SBA's annual Small Business Week Awards held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Los Angeles.

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Supreme Court Split on Affirmative Action
A divided Supreme Court allowed universities to give minority applicants an edge in admissions Monday, ruling that the path to leadership in the nation must "be visibly open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and ethnicity."

Univision and HBC Merger Hinges on Separation of Spanish vs English Markets
Critics charge that the merger would create a monolith that would dominate Hispanic media and entertainment, commanding 67 percent of the $3 billion-plus Hispanic advertising market.

Dominican Republic is Latest to Repeat Latin American Economic History
It is a familiar script in Latin America: A feverishly growing economy, mansions going up, investors scrambling for a piece of the action, international onlookers gushing.

'Dirty Girls' Author Balks at 'Latina' Label
Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, author of "The Dirty Girls Social Club," has a complicated relationship with such labels as "Hispanic" and "Latina."

Gore Plots Liberal TV, Radio Outlet
Now that he's out of politics, Al Gore is working on the ambitious project of building a liberal TV and radio empire, a new report says.

E-spanol Web Retailers Are Discovering Profits in Spanish Content
Forty-eight percent of the Latinos using the Internet have gone online in the last two years, as opposed to 21 percent for all U.S. users, according to the AOL survey.

Gov. Wants Debate In N.M.
Gov. Bill Richardson said again Tuesday that he would not seek a spot on a presidential ticket in 2004, but he is pressing party officials to schedule a Democratic presidential primary election debate in New Mexico later this year.

World Wealth Report: Hispanics Increase Holdings
Almost half of wealthy Hispanic-Americans increased their investments in real estate (42 percent) and added to their cash holdings (43 percent) last year, according to the 2003 World Wealth Report just published by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch.

From the current issue of

Hispanic Business magazine

Taking Root in Rocky Soil
The U.S. economy didn't help the largest Hispanic companies this year, but a few big winners in technology and exporting showed how to flourish in slow times.

The French Connection
Sol Trujillo, the new CEO of wireless giant Orange Inc., shares his plan to revamp the worldwide cell phone industry.

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