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Of all California counties, Los Angeles will add the most people -- 3.5 million -- to reach 13 million residents.
Based on demographic projections announced by the state Department of Finance, California's economic future could well be shaped by the success -- or setbacks -- of Hispanics, the coming majority population.

Mobile Food Vendors Arrive With Immigrants
In the New Orleans area, permits issued to mobile vendors that prepare food on their trucks -- such as taquerias and hot dog vendors -- jumped nearly eightfold from July 2005 to July 2006, the state health department says. Through July 2007, another 83 new permits were issued, up 36 percent from last year.

PBS Documentary Adds Material After Hispanic Outcry
Pressure from Latino groups to include their perspective in "The War," the upcoming 15-hour documentary series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, has succeeded in adding their stories to the presentation. But Burns said the changes won't alter the narrative that has already been constructed.

Houston Metro Hits a Roadblock in Recruiting of Hispanics
Hispanics are the fastest-growing population group in Houston and the nation. But not at the Metropolitan Transit Authority.


Richardson Struggling to Stay in Race Despite Strong Resume
Bill Richardson is battling a shortage of funds and skepticism over his ability to win the Democratic nomination, even with his top-tier government credentials.

Drive Urges New Citizens to Register to Vote
Organizers hope to register as many as 1 million new citizens in key battleground states, such as New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.

Martinez: Both Parties to Blame for Immigration Reform Failure
Immigration reform failed in the U.S. Senate because of errors on "both sides" of the political aisle and it is doubtful it will be discussed again before the 2008 general elections, Republican Party Chairman Mel Martinez said in a wide-ranging interview that included a call for patience in Iraq.


Remittances Attract Attention of Officials, Analysts
The importance of remittances to national finances in Latin America has become the Holy Grail of development.

VA Again Named No. 1 State for Business
For the second year in a row, Virginia has been ranked No. 1 by in its "Best States for Business" report. That status was given to the state again for its low unemployment rate, high quality of life and big prospects for growth.

Miami's TotalBank Sold to Spanish Bank
Miami-based TotalBank announced Wednesday it has been purchased by a Madrid bank for $300 million.

HispanTelligence Research
Advertisers' efforts to reach Hispanic consumers are becoming more targeted, and language is a major factor. Advertisers spent more than $3.3 billion to market products to U.S. Hispanics in 2005, a 6.8 percent increase from 2004.

Search the 2007 HB 500...
Search the 2007 Hispanic Business 500, a national benchmark of the surging development of U.S. Hispanic-owned companies.

Inside the House: Hispanics Subgroups Differ by Age
More than 20 percent of Cubans are 65 or older, while a scant 4 percent of Mexicans are in that age bracket. On the other hand, 37 percent of Mexicans and 31 percent of Puerto Ricans are younger than 18.

From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
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Dennis Nixon, chairman, president, and CEO of International Bancshares.
The finance sector, the smallest segment in this year's HISPANIC BUSINESS 500 with 17 companies, showed a 3.8 percent increase in revenues, moving from $1.79 billion in 2005 to $1.86 billion in 2006.

More Dealerships Diversifying Their Portfolios
In many respects, 2006 has been a poor year for the automotive sector, both in the HISPANIC BUSINESS 500 and the wider market.

Surviving the Housing Slump
Nationwide housing woes have sent the HISPANIC BUSINESS 500 construction sector into a tailspin with 90 companies reporting a combined 20 percent decline in 2006 revenues.

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