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< br />Loretta Sanchez
In the latest chapter of a simmering saga, Rep. Loretta Sanchez has quit her membership in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, citing what she calls "violations of election rules" in the selection last fall of fellow Californian Joe Baca.

Baca Categorically Rejects Caucus Controversy
Saying he is "deeply troubled" by the allegation, Rep. Joe Baca has come out swinging over a controversy involving the Congressional Hispanic Caucus he chairs, a controversy that saw a fellow member of the caucus quit.

Salazar, Menendez Head Hispanic Task Force
U.S. Senators Ken Salazar of Colorado and Robert Menendez of New Jersey were named earlier this week as the new co-chairs for the Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force.

Immigration Agency Plans Big Fee Hikes
The cost of applying for U.S. citizenship will almost double, and the fee for obtaining a green card will almost triple, under a Bush administration proposal announced Wednesday. The new fees are expected to raise $1 billion in fresh revenue for the federal agency in charge of processing millions of various immigration applications.

Lost in Translation and Out of a Job
Alvaro Cifuentes, chair of the Democratic National Committee's Hispanic Caucus since 2001, resigned over the weekend over allegations that he used what is considered a racial slur in the African American community during a confrontation with an aide to DNC chair Howard Dean.


The Face of Entrepreneurship in 2017
Within a decade, entrepreneurs are going to be older, younger, more feminine, and more global than they are today. So says an Intuit-sponsored study from the Silicon Valley-based Institute for the Future.

This Year's Oscar Nominees Know No Boundaries
The nominees for the 79th annual Academy Awards suggest international filmmakers and actors can no longer be relegated to one category. This is the most diverse bunch of Oscar hopefuls in the awards' history, from the acting to technical categories to the biggest race of all - Best Picture - which includes one film in Japanese and another in five languages.

"American Idol" Strikes Chord with Hispanic Viewers
Watching America's pop star hopefuls either soar or crash and burn during their weekly auditions enthralled Hispanic viewing audiences last week, according to figures released by the Nielsen Media Group for the week of Jan. 22-28.

Miami Scales Back Plans for Celebration After Castro's Death
Responding to an international media blitz and outrage from some members of the Cuban-American community, Miami city leaders Tuesday vowed to tone down a proposed large-scale, city-organized public event in the Orange Bowl stadium when Fidel Castro dies.

U.S. Hispanics Feel Pull of Suburbs
In a trend being repeated across the United States, Latino immigrants are eschewing their historic urban enclaves and moving out to the suburbs -- in some cases as soon as they enter the country. In the process, they're both living out the American dream and discovering its limits.

HispanTelligence Research
Get the entire 2006 Hispanic Business 500 Directory in Excel format.

U.S. Hispanic Media Market: Projections to 2010
Advertisers' efforts to reach Hispanic consumers are becoming more targeted, and language is a major factor. Advertisers spent more than $3.3 billion to market products to U.S. Hispanics in 2005, a 6.8 percent increase from 2004.

Inside the House: Hispanics Subgroups Differ by Age
More than 20 percent of Cubans are 65 or older, while a scant 4 percent of Mexicans are in that age bracket. On the other hand, 37 percent of Mexicans and 31 percent of Puerto Ricans are younger than 18.

From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
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Eastman Kodak Co.'s Antonio Perez
Five Hispanics sit atop the corporate landscape.

Opening the Door for Opportunity
After spending most of his 88 years fighting for racial equality, Dionicio Morales' dedication has not wavered, nor his optimism.

2007 Hispanic Business Corporate Elite
The Hispanic Who's Who list in Corporate America.

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