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Mel Martinez
A group of border state Republicans, including the GOP party chair in President Bush's home state of Texas, plan to cast what they acknowledge may be only symbolic votes against Florida Sen. Mel Martinez as the new chief cheerleader for the national Republican Party.

Senator Introduces Year's First Immigration Bill
The introduction Wednesday of an ambitious agricultural guest-worker plan showcases the changed Capitol Hill circumstances that may make 2007 the year for an immigration overhaul. Some congressional roadblocks are gone. Sympathetic new leaders are in charge. A restored Democratic majority claims new priorities.

Obama Hints at '08 Decision
U.S. Sen. Barack Obama inched closer to revealing his intentions about running for president on Monday, adding a "very" to the "soon" in his assessment about when an announcement will come.


Small Businesses in S. Florida Compete for Super Bowl Millions
To compete for Super Bowl business, small companies say they often must work at a fast pace and often for a lower margin than normal. But business owners are motivated to do so by the credibility that comes with a Super Bowl-related contract, and the future business it could bring.

Italian Food, Mexican Cash, U.S. Indignation
"Pizza por Pesos" was supposed to be a low-key campaign that would let Pizza Patron's loyal Hispanic customer base unload unused Mexican currency at its 59 restaurants in five states. But it landed the company in the crosshairs of the immigration debate.


Latino Film Festival seeks entries
Movies such as "A Day Without a Mexican," "Girlfight" and "Crazy/Beautiful" made their premieres at past New York International Latino Film Festivals. Now the organizers are looking to gauge new talent.

Rumbo Newspaper Chain Drops to Weekly Status
Having already gone from publishing five times a week to three times, the Houston and San Antonio editions of the Spanish-language Rumbo newspaper chain are dropping to once a week effective immediately, the chain announced Monday.

HispanTelligence Research
Double-digit gains in Hispanic advertising expenditures were made in all media, but television continues to garner the majority of all ad dollars, according to a new HispanTelligence research report.

U.S. Hispanic Media Market: Projections to 2010
Advertisers' efforts to reach Hispanic consumers are becoming more targeted, and language is a major factor. Advertisers spent more than $3.3 billion to market products to U.S. Hispanics in 2005, a 6.8 percent increase from 2004.

2006 Hispanic Business 500 Directory
Get the entire 2006 Hispanic Business 500 Directory in Excel format.

From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
Create Your Hispanic Business Classified Ad Now!
Director Kenny Ortega on set.
Kenny Ortega enjoys the ride with Disney's unstoppable High School Musical.

A Tough Sell
Networks are vying for the attention of young Hispanics in English.

CHARTS: Advertising Expenditures, 2006
Companies on the listing report an increase in overall billings from $1.05 billion in 2005 to $1.18 billion in 2006, an increase of 11.86 percent.

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