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Expected to launch in January in New York with satellites across the country to follow, Rev. Jesse Jackson's newest initiative -- the Small Business Institute -- will focus on giving entrepreneurial training to youth, immigrants, and minorities and help them access capital for their businesses.

Bilingual Playthings: Muy Grande Business
The $20 billion toy industry is courting Hispanics. Buying bilingual toys for their son and daughter is one way the Zambranos, Downingtown residents from Venezuela, plan to sustain the children's cultural identity in the face of inevitable assimilation.

October Brings New Jobs for Hispanics
The Hispanic unemployment in October dropped to 4.7 percent from September's 5.4 percent, according to data released today by the U.S. Department of Labor. The overall U.S. unemployment rate dropped as well.


Swelling Tide of Discontent Threatens GOP
If history tells us anything, the Republicans might see the door after Tuesday's elections, especially shocking considering the drastic measures the party is enduring to get its members elected. Case in point: A seat in Idaho is up for grabs. Idaho.

Commerce Secretary Urges Fellow Latinos to Assimilate
"It is only by fully engaging in every aspect of American life - and not stand on the edges looking in - that we will achieve success as a community," said Cuban-born Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez on Thursday to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City.

Mexican Diplomat Urges a Partnership
U.S.-Mexico relations could remain paralyzed unless leaders of the two nations and Canada formalize a North American partnership -- akin to the European Union -- before the U.S. baby boomer retirement wave hits in the next eight years, a ranking Mexican diplomat said Tuesday.


Latin Grammys Rock Nueva York
The seventh annual Latin Grammy Awards were held for the first time in La Gran Manzana - the Big Apple - last night, filling Madison Square Garden with the caliente sounds of Spanish- and Portuguese-language music.

Sports Agent Charged with Smuggling Cuban Baseball Players
A California-based sports agent was arrested Tuesday, charged in federal court in Miami with financing and organizing a scheme to smuggle Cuban baseball players from the communist island to the United States.

HispanTelligence Research
Search the 2005 Hispanic Business 500, a national benchmark of the surging development of U.S. Hispanic-owned companies.

The U.S. Hispanic Economy 2005
Purchase your copy of latest research from HispanTelligence: The U.S. Hispanic Economy in Transition: Facts, Figures, and Trends (2005 Edition) -- a comprehensive study of the emerging Hispanic market.

The Fast Growing Hispanic Youth Market
While the U.S. median age continues to rise, from 35.3 years in 2000, the median age of Hispanics remains the lowest of all groups. Demographers predict faster growth among young Hispanics than among other young ethnic groups for the next decade.

From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
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Following a raucous summer of contentious hearings, noisy rhetoric, and promises of immediate action, Congress, unable to find a quick solution, quietly tabled debate on immigration reform until after this month's elections.

Motor City Mayhem
Hispanic consumers could help the U.S. auto industry get back on track.

Everybody Plays the Fuel
Car companies offer smaller vehicles with increasing gas prices in mind: A look at 2007's auto-market offerings.

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